Site Built With Love ❤ Using (Tech Stack of Stunning Autos)

We’re proud to tell that we built using below Tech Stack and we’re very very thankful to all these products and services. Stunning Autos would not have been possible to kick start in no time.

Table of Contents:

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is the best cloud hosting provider, I ever found in my 12+ years of web development carrier. Tried out AWS, Red Shift, Google Cloud, AppFog. But finally found Digital Ocean the best of all. Create your own server in as low as just $5/month with $100 Sign Up credit.

Ubuntu Linux

90% of worldwide devices are powered by Linux. Wherever you go it there working for you to serve better. Almost every websites hosted on Linux OS and even Android OS is built on top of Linux Kernal. So, I love Linux and using Linux since 2006. By far I found Ubuntu Linux best of all other distributions of Linux. It’s fast, secured, east to use and beautiful.


When it comes to site development with PHP, Apache was the default option to work with. So many still think and do using one click app installer like WAMP or LAMP. But time has changed. Now I develop big applications so switched to Nginx, a fast and secured reverse proxy web server.


MySQL is the most popular and widely used database, when it comes to web application development. It’s everywhere from built in WAMP package installer to web development tutorial. If you’re going to learn PHP. It feels like PHP and MySQL are spouse. But I’m a guy who always look for best alternatives, as I said I’m now an enterprise application developer. Thinks big, makes big. I use MariaDB against MySQL for web application, needs to develop with PHP programming language. Well, this is still not my first choice of database. Guess what? It’s PostgreSQL.


More than 40% of word wide websites are built using WordPress. This is really a big big number, where WordPress is ruling them all. So, PHP is also widely used programming language best WordPress is built on top of it.

WordPress really holds our back, when it comes to kick start any web site for startups has low budget, like Stunning Autos. Any one can now design and publish their website using WordPress by learning online tutorial.

Astra Theme

WordPress by default comes with absolute simple and plain theme to build just article listing website. In my case, I also struggled a lot to make WordPress beautiful. At last I found Astra WP Theme. And you know what, that’s all what I was looking for. I stopped here and built many beautiful web sites using this. Astra Pro even comes with many out standing features which make life easier, beautiful site and flexible. Buy Pro version of Astra Theme here on discounted rate. I’m not a WordPress developer but I did to kick start Stunning Autos.

What Next?

Well, this site is not enough. So our new website is under development with many new features. Our new site is being developed our first and favorite programming language Python and framework Django. PostgreSQL is off-course our main database moving out from MariaDB.

We always look for colleague to hire for our existing and under developing site. If you wish to join our team or raise a fund. Please write to us on

That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting this page.