FASTag Toll Plaza and Booth Representation

What is FASTag and how’s this is beneficial for us?

OK, Before we explains in details, we would like to tell you about FASTag in-shorts.

FASTag is new mechanism and system towards Digital India, which will make our life happy (dhinchak) by avoiding waiting time at toll plazas across the country.

What is FASTag?

FASTag is a RFID sticker, which will be stuck on vehicle’s windscreen. This is like a pre-paid debit card. We must have to maintain ample balance to card by recharging. Same as we do with metro train card.

What’s the benefits and features?

Yes, here we’re on

  1. No stoppage, no waiting in long queue to pay the fee
  2. Pay discounted toll fee. Government is giving 10% discount on fee paying via FASTag balance.
  3. Save your fuel/charging by crossing toll plaza without any halt
  4. This will also improve air quality across the country, due to less fuel burn of vehicles.

How to recharge and maintain balance?

Card can be recharged using all the available payments mode active in India, such as Wallet, UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card and Net-banking. You can maintain minimum balance with Rs. 100 and can be recharged upto Rs. 1,00,000

How’s this work?

An electronic scanner device installed at every toll plazas will scan the embedded unique code from sticker and deduct the amount from the balance available.

What if I still don’t want to buy?

Well, you might be concerned, that you have less use of your vehicle and drives only in the city, then it’s up to you. You can skip buying FASTag for your vehicle. And just pay double the toll fee at toll plaza. Just paying double the fee on each toll plaza is the penalty for the vehicle’s passing toll plaza without FASTag.

We must should buy FASTag. As it is so easy to buy and provides any convenience. This system provides many convenience, transparency and discounts too. You can’t skip, as this is mandatory for all the running vehicles in India effective from 15th December 2019 earlier it was 1st of December.

What if passing toll plaza without FASTag?

You can still pass through toll plaza by paying double the fee amount and waiting in long queue. Which will be costliest deal for you. Because you will pay double the fee, extra fuel burn and your time.

This is not a good idea. We would recommend you to buy one and continue your journey hassle free and breath less severe air :).

Where and How can I buy?

Buying FASTag is as easy as ABCD. Yes, that easy. You can buy the card/sticker from one of your bank’s portal if bank selling. It is also available on PayTM Mall.

Portal will ask for the details of the vehicle’s owner and the valid documents. Will charge you Rs. 250 as security deposit and Rs. 150 for minimum card balance. Pay the amount and done.

Click here to check where you can buy?

Is FASTag available to all the toll plazas in country?

Not yet, only 180 toll plazas across the country has FASTag system installed so far and more are on track to provide as soon as it can be.

All the FASTag functional plazas providing hybrid lanes. Where staff will collect double the fee from non-FASTag vehicles.

What if card don’t have sufficient balance?

Add balance to your FASTag on the go or pay by cash at toll plaza

Anything else we should know?

Yes, Insights and reports about FASTag. How’s this going!

As per the reports has been shared by NHAI.

  1. Use of FASTag has been grown so far due to near deadline.
  2. More than 11.2 lakhs vehicle’s has been scanned and processed the payments in November compared to 8.8 lakhs in July 2019.
  3. Average daily collection is also on pick above Rs. 20 crore.
  4. You will receive SMS on your registered mobile number each time when payment will be deducted and processed from your card. So, you don’t have to worry, as you will be keep updated about your transactions and balance.
  5. You can call to FASTag customer care on 1033

Will this be applicable for 2 and 3 wheeler too?

Well, the rule for toll charging to type of vehicles has not been changed, as I know so far!

But 2 and 3 wheeler owner’s also should buy FASTag for convenience. Because not all the highways and toll plazas exempts 2 and 3 wheeler. Such as Yamuna Expressway which connects Greater Noida to Agra