Used car valuation - Complete Guide To Get The Best Value of Used Car

Used car valuation – Complete Guide To Get The Best Value of Used Car in 2022

Used car valuation is the single most important point in the used vehicle buying/selling journey. While on one side, as a seller, you want to sell your vehicle at a top price, on the other, a buyer wants it for the best price. So, how do you reach a mutually acceptable price to finalize the deal? Do you take the help of professionals? Ask your friends and peers about a suggestion or simply follow your own instinct?

Well, you can put your concerns regarding the used car valuation at rest. Today, the online platform has completely transformed the buying/selling journey of a used vehicle. With the right tech solutions at the necessary points in the journey, the process has been made simpler and more seamless.

According to a survey by Satista, the maximum sales across India was for used cars which had run between 20-40 thousand kilometers in the financial year 2021. The sales of pre-owned cars were higher as compared to the last decade. 

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Used car valuation online: Eliminating unnecessary hassles on the go!

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle, going online is the best decision. No need to pay for professional services to determine the selling price of your vehicle. Today, with the right tech solutions, in the form of a used car valuation tool, consumers get to enjoy hassle-free valuation in seconds!

How many times have we seen both the buyer and seller getting into unending price negotiations with no conclusive result? Used car valuation eliminates human intervention to decide the Fair market price of a used vehicle.

How does used car valuation online work?

The used car price calculator is based on 21st-century machine learning AI functionality. It generates fair price estimation in real-time by going through an extension of data pre-stored in the database. Once a user feeds in the vehicle information such as Make, Model, Year, Trim, Kms driven, etc. it goes through its library of past transactions, depreciation rates, current trends, vehicle information to determine a fair market price estimation. While this is not the final selling, rather an estimation range, the final price can be determined based on the true condition of the vehicle.

The price estimation is a range that is dependent upon the true condition of the vehicle. If you are looking for more refined price estimation, you can opt for Advanced search and provide the exact vehicle specifications for the same.

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Irrespective of if you are a buyer or a seller, you want to get through the process without any unnecessary hassles. Used price calculators do the same with perfection. No time wastage, no undue dilly-dallying. Get online to find out the price estimation of any used vehicle in 10 seconds!

Why should you check used car prices online?

Technology is transforming every sector. Automobiles, for one, have tremendous potential for tech integration for seamless solutions. It is all about enjoying the perks of tech innovation. It is unbiased, fair, and transparent which makes it easy for all the concerned parties to lance their trust in the price estimation range generated by the sophisticated tool.

As a seller, you can get the certified report, And, if you are looking for an exact figure, you can get the same by getting the inspection done by the trained professionals. With the certified report by your side, you do not have to convince anyone to buy your vehicle, rather the buyers once after checking the necessary reports get back to you to finalize the deal.

As a buyer, it forms an essential part of research to find the best car within your budget. You can plan to sort your search based on budget and buy the best vehicle within your set of requirements.


Online automobile marketplaces have transformed used car buying/selling. With an extensive set of information and hassle-free services, it is the consumers who get to enjoy an exciting journey instead of going through countless vehicle options and dealership suggestions. Go online, find out the price estimation, and set your budget to find the best vehicle for you.