Yamaha Neos and E01

New Yamaha Neos and E01 electric scooter : Specifications, Range, and Price

Yamaha has revealed two new electric scooters available in India with the name Yamaha E01 and the Yamaha Neos. Known globally as a leader in manufacturing 2 wheelers, this is the first time that they will be selling two innovative electric scooters. 

Pricing and availability of this product in India has not been announced by Yamaha, there is a similar option available with almost identical design called the E01 digital scooter which was showcased during Tokyo Motor Show 2019 just like Neo’s but for only €3,099.

Both of these vehicles are expected to bring more competition to the electric scooter market, which has only recently begun to take shape with newer companies such as Okinawa, Ampere, Revolt, Ather, etc already offering quality solutions. This immediately adds a bit more diversity in terms of what customers have to choose from as far as innovative transportation options go!

Yamaha E01


The Yamaha E01 features a touchscreen display that’s conveniently at your fingertips. There’s an in-built SIM card so you can access various features which require an internet connection. The E01 is engineered for modern connectivity when being driven, unlike some other scooters on the market. This means it offers keyless ignition and bluetooth technology for optimal convenience and performance. The Yamaha E01 features regenerative brakes to help charge up the battery when you’re braking – giving you longer driving range before needing to recharge. 


The Yamaha E01 is all about sport and speed. It is a compact scooter that has a more prominent and sporty design than other models in the same category. 

As one of the leading scooter manufacturers, Yamaha has re-engineered their E01 in order to cater towards those who just want it all. As a maxi-style scooter, the new model comes with sleek headlights, a sporty windscreen and comfortable seating. It’s sporty yet classy and is available in both a single and dual color options. 


Yamaha states that their E01 urban commuter model can get up to 100 km on a single charge. The E01 should have an 11 kW motor in European markets, as per the regulatory requirements mandated for light electric scooters. The company has not revealed the official specifications yet, but they will be released before the launch date.

Yamaha Neos


What we like about the Yamaha Neos is how it includes a smart key and genuine LCD instrument pod with easy smartphone connection. Yamaha Neos is equipped with sophisticated sensors to ensure they can operate safely, and their performance is always optimized. 

With the inclusion of Yamaha’s new generation Neo engine, two selectable Ride Modes can be activated: Standard and Eco. Standard mode is designed for typical road use, providing the highest power output. However, this comes at an expense to long-distance riding – you might find yourself having to stop sooner than expected if you’re out on the road for several hours or farther from home. In contrast, Eco mode drastically reduces battery consumption by limiting throttle response and rotation speed during acceleration. This technology increases your riding distance as well as time between recharging.


The Neo by Yamaha features a suite of features for any spirited rider. Offering the best in braking and cornering capacities, the sports LED headlamps have been designed to ensure that you can enjoy riding at night as well. Backing up the headlamps are telescopic front forks, a mono-shock rear suspension, and ample storage space for keeping your belongings safe and sound underneath the seat. The new Neo showcases an inspiring design language that was spearheaded by Yamaha’s Jin-Ki Kanno EV Design concept. 


Yamaha Neos has a range of up to 68 kilometers, and can be driven up to 38.5 kilometers on a single battery charge. This scooter has two interchangeable batteries that take eight hours to fully charge. The Neo’s rated motor output of 2.5 kW (3.4 PS) and 136 Nm of torque are comparable with standard 50cc scooters, but the Neo is notably heavier than other scooters.