Xiaomi's first EV launching very soon - Will Xiaomi be the king of electric vehicles?

Xiaomi EV Car launching soon – King of electric vehicles 2021?

Xiaomi has recently announced that they are launching their first Xiaomi EV car. They have plan to make smart electric vehicles and now we’ve got some details about the upcoming electric vehicles of 2021.

The CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun, Has revealed that the first EV will either be a sedan or an SUV. The car will be priced within a range of roughly Rs. 11-34 lakh.

So in this post, we’ll give you every single detail revealed by the Xiaomi company for their upcoming electric car. So if you want to know some news on Xiaomi’s upcoming electric car make sure you read this post.

Xiaomi EV बहुत जल्द होगा लॉन्च - क्या Xiaomi इलेक्ट्रिक वाहनों का राजा होगा?
Upcoming Xiaomi Electric Vehicles 2021 – Rendered Image

Xiaomi EV Car – Smart Electric Car

There was a lot more discussion on Xiaomi about the car. There was confusion about launching the car. The category had made the confusion To make the car ‘SUV’ Or ‘sedan’. The first EV by Xiaomi will be based on a Weibo Survey.

The MI users were presented by the opinion poll regarding the kind of car users wanted from the mi to introduce first.

According to the CEO of Xiaomi, 45% of users voted for a sedan and 40% chose an SUV. And the rest of the people selected sports cars or RVs.

Talking about the price of the SUV the survey poll also discussed the price of the EV with their users. One of the noteworthy Survey poles made by Xiaomi was about the price of the Xiaomi first EV. Many users said that the price of the EV should cost “less than CNY 100,000” Which is approximate Rs.11 lakh While the least vote was for more than CNY 300,000 which is Rs. 34 lakh.

Based on the response of the users the Jun has announced that the EV will be priced between Rs. 11-34 lakh. While talking about the design of the car Xiaomi said that’s they may use the new logo for the car. Xiaomi has recently created a new logo which was unveiled at the product launch event which is held on March 30and the new logo departs from the square design in favor of a squircle shape. Along with this Jun has Also discussed the use of the new Mi logo on the EV, the CEO of Xiaomi said that the new design will be more suitable for the car as compared to the mobile phones.

When we talk about the branding of the car the Xiaomi will consider marketing the EV under its brand and one of the survey questions also discussed If Xiaomi should market this electric car under its brand or use another name for the car. 63% of users voted for Xiaomi to use its brand name.

Along with that Xiaomi has confirmed that they will invest around $10 billion into smart vehicles and venture over the next 15 years. So as you see the details of the car are not revealed by Xiaomi but it is is said to be a bang for the EV market and we can expect competition for Tesla.


So in this post, we discussed the upcoming electric car from Xiaomi which will be priced around Rs. 11-34 lakh. I hope you like this post if you find this helps make sure you share it.