Why HSRP is mandatory and how to get online?

Why HSRP is mandatory and how to get online?

Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are doing great so today in this post we will take information about Why HSRP is mandatory and how to get online?. While driving a vehicle registration plate it’s essential for security purposes.

We will also tell you the reason why the HSRP has been made mandatory. So if you want to understand the information about HSRP make sure you read this post.

What is HSRP?

HSRP is an aluminum-made high-security registration plate that is fixed on the vehicle using non-reusable locks. A 20mm × 20mm chromium-based hologram Ashoka chakra is applied by hot stamping on the top left hand and the corner of the plate in both front and rear plates to protect the counterfeiting.

The Delhi transport department and the ministry of road transport and highways have made the HSRP mandatory for all vehicle owners to fix a high-security registration plate. Which have been sold before April 2019. People will get fined up to Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 for not affixing an HSRP plate on a vehicle.

Now we will tell you why it is important to affix the HSRP number plate on your vehicle.

The permanent identification number is a pin of a minimum of 10 digits which is laser branded into ruminative sheeting down on the left-hand side of the registration plate with a letter size of 5 mm. And the HSRP will be associated electronically to the vehicle after its affixture on the vehicle registration gets done.

What is color-coded Stickers?

The stickers will indicate the fuel and the type of the car and also the Bharat stage.

For petrol and the CNG cars, you will get the blue sticker and orange for diesel cars and green for EVS. BS6 compliant cars will additionally consist of a green strip that won’t top off the sticker. You just have to install the sticker on the windscreen from inside.

Why HSRP is mandatory and how to get online?

Why it is mandatory?

The HSRP is mandatory because it will primarily help to track the stolen vehicle.

The old number plates came with number stickers. Which are easy to tamper with. You can remove the stickers and you can easily change your vehicle identification number.

Most of the stolen vehicles come out with replaced number plates which makes it difficult to track them. With HSRP, the police can easily scan and track the number plate from the CCTVs which are installed on the streets.

If any traffic accident happens on the road, the plate cannot tamper and the offender will get caught easily. Also, many cars carry fancy number plates that are printed in various fonts. The HSRP will prevent the car owners from such capers. It will help the government with the digitization of data. Now we will tell you how you can apply for HSRP Online.

How to apply online for HSRP?

Step 1: Open your browser

And Go to site https://bookmyhsrp.com, if your vehicle registration is from Haryana then go to https://hsrphr.com/

Then select HSRP with colour sticker or only colour sticker.

Step 2: Fill in details

When you visit the official page you will be requested to fill in the details, such as your vehicle number, chassis number, engine number, contact number and your address, and your fuel type.

Step 3: Select non-transport

If it is your vehicle then you must click on non-transport under the vehicle class option.

Step 4: Fill in register details

You will receive a username and password on your registered mobile number.

Step 5: Login for payment

When you will receive the username and password you have to login again and make a payment. You will receive the payment.

Step 6: Receive a message

When your HSRP number gets ready, the customer will receive a message and you have successfully registered for HSRP.

Why HSRP is mandatory and how to get online?

What is HSRP installation cost?

For two wheelers installation cost is Rs 600 and that for a four-wheeler will be up to Rs 1,000, it depends on the category.

The 32 lakh+ color-concluding 10 to 12 lakh cars and upto 20 lakh two wheelers, which are registered before 2019, have to get HSRP and the color-coded sticker plates. Delhi and Uttar Pradesh can purchase the HSRP. With the help of a portal.

Benefits of HSRP

  • Easy catch of offenders and thieves 
  • Non removable difficult to replace
  •  Helps in identifying a stolen car 
  • Reasonable installation cost


So today in this post we get the information about the HSRP And why it is mandatory I hope you receive immense value from this post and If you find this valuable don’t forget to share and if you have any questions related to this information make sure you let me know in the comment section.

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