What is vahan portal? | How to register with vahan? | Documents required

What is the Vahan Portal? | How to register with Vahan? | Documents required

Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are doing great. So today in this post we will give you information about what is Vahan portal. We are going to tell you every detail about the Vahan portal and how you can use it and what’s the benefit of the Vahan portal. So if you want to understand about the Vahan portal make sure you read this post.

What is Vahan?

The Vahan allows entrance to all details which are related to your vehicles such as the registration number of the car and the engine number and every single detail which belongs to your car and it provides online service to citizens.

Vahan plans to accumulate every single piece of information about road transport for easy entrance by both the citizens and the regulators of the Vahan portal.

Over 90% of data is collated for the computerization of the Vahan portal over all the road transport authorities.

The work of the Vahan portal is to collect data on all vehicles. In the repository of Vahan, it contains about 21.68 crore vehicle records.

The other data e.g. your driving license is Self-operated through another application called “Sarathi”.

For Vahan registration, you need to follow the given steps

 Step 1: Open Browser

First, open browser and search for vahan.parivahan.gov.in it will take you to the official page of the Vahan portal. Press On registration.

Step 2: Fill in details 

As you proceed on registration you have to fill in all the details like Full name, Email id, Mobile no, state, and the captcha, and then click on proceed to registration.

Step 3: Verify account 

As you will proceed to the registration you will receive a message to your email which you have provided on the registration and you will get an OTP and you have to verify it.

 Step 4: Enter login

When you will get OTP you can login with your username and password which you have received on your email id.

Advantages of Vahan portal

Vahan is a flexible system that takes care of all the suffering activities which you are facing for vehicle registration, in case leaving the transport department and making a deal with your business issues.

The software enables you to process at RTO/DTO/MLO/SDM which helps involving your vehicle registration, taxes, and permits to get Computerised. Vahan is functioned to capture information as mandated by CMVR and also for MVRs.

The launch of the Vahan portal national registration will directly help the Ministry of road transport and highways. It is also beneficial for the state transport department to implement the mode of services to the individuals.

Before driving on the road, A New vehicle can be registered temporarily or permanently at the showroom using the Vahan service of the ministry of road transport and highways. In India, many cars use fake registration numbers for the registry of cars which creates a problem to track their data.

As we know there are so many crimes that are taking place in our country. The Vahan also has Access to the police department which can help in resolving crimes in our country such as theft of vehicles can be easily caught by Vahan service and we can also catch the usage of fake registration numbers. 

Traffic police can cross-check the validity of the documents such as license and registration details of the vehicle with the help of Vahan. Rules activities such as challan and settlement of penalty amount, helmet fines can be carried out safely.

Also, the bank that has given a loan for the vehicles has a registry in the national/state department to track the status of vehicles. This can make a secure environment for buying a vehicle and help to create safe registration.


So friends today in this post we gathered information about the Vahan and how to use the Vahan and also about the advantages of the Vahan portal. It is essential to register in Vahan for our vehicle safety and security. So if you find this post helpful then don’t forget to share this post and if you have any questions referred to this post make sure you let me know in the comment section.