Mandatory High Security Registration Plate

Waiting Period for HSRP, Colour-Coded Stickers Till March 2021

The people of Delhi may be fined Rs 10,000, Which is compoundable to Rs 5,500 under the act of amended motor vehicles.

For two-wheelers and four-wheelers owners, it is reported that they have to wait till March 2021 and they have to wait for book appointments for high-security registration plates( HSPR) and the color-coded fuel stickers for their daily vehicles reported by PTI.

HSRP is mandatory for all vehicles running on Petrol, Diesel, LPG or CNG
HSRP is mandatory for all vehicles running on Petrol, Diesel, LPG or CNG

In recent times, the finning will get started by the Delhi transport department they will start finning vehicles up to RS 10,000 for those who don’t have their high-security registration plates (HSPR) and also the color-coded stickers affixed on their vehicles.

But the vehicles which are applied for HSRP and color-coded stickers will not be fined for now. As the vehicle owner have to show the receipt or the slip of the application that they have applied for it.

The enforcement teams has instructed that they have to penalize those cars owners who had booked slots for affixing HSPR and fuel stickers. The owners of the cars can produce any evidence of bookings, such as SMS or any other receipt, And maybe they wouldn’t have to pay the fine, reported by NDTV quoting KK Dahiya, Special Commissioner (Transport).

What is HSRP (High Security Registration Plate)?

The HSRP (High Security Registration Plate) is a chromium based chakra shape hologram, Which is only applied by hot stamping on the number of both plates front and back, and besides laser-branding of the permanent identification number. Which insures high security and prevent duplicity of registration number or number plates.

High Security Registration Plate
High Security Registration Plate

What are Colour-Coded Stickers?

When we talk about colour-coded or fuel stickers. Which are meant for identifying the vehicles based on their fuel types those vehicles which run on petrol and CNG, will get the blue colour stickers while the other ones that used diesel will have orange colour stickers.

Different Colour Coded Stickers for Fuel Based Vehicle for India
Different Colour Coded Stickers for Fuel Based Vehicle for India

Your details like registration number, the registering authority and a laser-branded PIN and engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle are carried by these colour-coded stickers

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