All New TVS Jupiter 125 2021

New TVS Jupiter 125 2021: All Variants Explained

The all new TVS Jupiter 125 2021 is an excellent purchase. There are many models to choose from though, so make sure you know which one best fits your needs!

Scooters are becoming increasingly popular amongst younger audiences the world over. India is no exception, with the commuter scooter segment estimated to grow substantially over the next decade.

Jupiter is one of TVS’ most favoured and highly acclaimed lines of commuter scooters. Jupiter has been known to introduce many first-of-its-kind innovations to commuter scooter enthusiasts.

In the year 2021, TVS has already released a bigger and better scooter to join the Jupiter family. The TVS Jupiter 125 is offered in three models that are available for the public to purchase. We are telling you about these scooters today to help potential consumers select their favourite model.

TVS Jupiter 125 Models:

  • Drum Brake/ Sheet Metal Wheels

Entry into the TVS Jupiter 125 lineup begins with this variant, which is priced at Rs 73,400.  You get a 125 cc engine and drum brakes at both ends – this variant doesn’t get alloy wheels like the other two models in this series. But even with these aspects, we can’t deny how lovely this vehicle looks – especially in white! Jupiter has gone with an entirely traditional route when it comes to the design language seen here and we love that they’ve stuck to what works best.

However, it’s still quite surprising that such a basic looking scooter has been priced so high when there are other values for money options out there that look just as amazing. 

  • Drum Brake/ Alloy Wheels

The second variant of their offering in the segment, the TVS Jupiter 125 with semi-digital console, costs Rs 76,400. There’s even a helmet reminder! Yet another tell-tale sign of safety. Also added are a spacious city windshield and five spokes wheels for great manoeuvrability, plus stuff like instant fuel efficiency, distance to empty indicator and trip meters.

A new price point at Rs 76,400 not only allows the rider to enjoy the attributes of this urban runabout but also ensures TVS can ensure they’re able to market towards a larger catchment area.

  • Disc Brake/ Alloy Wheels

Up at the top of the lineup, TVS Jupiter 125 offers the disc brake variant with an LED boot light, a USB charger with navigation integration, and diamond-cut alloy wheels. As for TVs pricing, it’s placed around Rs 81,400 which we feel may be a bit overpriced for the extra bits on offer.

We think TVS could have probably priced this variant under 80,000 off the bat for some added value & we would still find it to be an acceptable price tag! You can devour them in any shade or color you desire: orange, purple and grey.


Sometimes, the best product is the one that doesn’t include all of the bells and whistles. The drum brake/alloy wheel option is great because it allows you to fulfill your needs without making you pay for anything that isn’t necessary right now. And it still includes some products that you’d want to rely on in the future. Plus it’s cheaper than the top variant by Rs 5,000!