Toyota Land Cruiser vaccine transporter gets WHO prequalification

Toyota Land Cruiser vaccine transporter gets WHO prequalification

We all are well aware of the current scenario of the world, especially in India. People are losing their lives due to the shortage of the covid-19 vaccine. Amid all the bad news, there is good news that provides a sense of relief to people.

Toyota Land Cruiser vaccine transporter gets WHO prequalification
Toyota Land Cruiser vaccine transport

Toyota Motor Corporation and B Medical Systems S.à r.l. recently announced that the Toyota Land Cruiser with an appropriate refrigerator will transport the vaccines at the proper temperatures developed jointly by the three companies which received PQS prequalification for medical device quality along with various equipment allowed by WHO. Toyota is the first company to obtain PQS prequalification all over the world.

About Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation is a company that makes and sells automobiles and auto parts. Automotive, Financial Services and All Other are the three segments in which it works.  Automotive is responsible for designing, manufacturing, assembling, and selling passenger cars, minivans, trucks, and associated vehicle parts and accessories. It’s still working on smart transportation networks.

To Toyota vehicle dealers and consumers, the Financial Services division provides buy or lease financing. It also offers retail leasing to dealers who buy lease contracts.

Why this initiative was important?

The COVID-19 crisis has shaken the world, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Vaccination could be the only reliable and cost-effective way to slow the virus’s spread and bring the pandemic to an end. 

As a result, several pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions are working to develop a vaccine that is safe and effective. Several vaccines are currently in phase three clinical trials, with two of them receiving final approval. 

Now that a vaccine is on the horizon, attention is turning to how it will be delivered. Such vaccines cannot be stored in the management of temperature is improper.

It is a proud and kind moment for Toyota to come up with this. Although many countries receive vaccine assistance from international agencies such as UNICEF GAVI And the Vaccine Alliance, approximately 20% of the volume supplied (equivalent to JPY 40 billion per year) is discarded per year because it becomes unusable due to temperature changes during transportation when distributing to hospitals and clinics within the respective countries.

The vaccine is a necessity to save the lives of people. In this situation, we can’t afford such wastage of vaccines due to the constraint of temperature. This step by Toyota will ensure that vaccination is not wasted and delivered on time.

Features of refrigerated Toyota Land Cruiser for vaccine

Following are some important features of refrigerated vehicles for vaccine:

  • It consists of a storage capacity of up to 400 packages of vaccine or 396 litres of vaccine
  • One can easily charge the refrigerator while driving as well and also with the help of external sources when the vehicle is parked
  • Toyota land cruiser is consist of B Medical Systems also known as, CF850 refrigerator of vaccine
  • It also has an independent battery system which enables it to run for almost 16 hours without any supply of power

What exactly is PQS prequalification from WHO?

The WHO’s PQS prequalification is an industry norm that manufacturers must meet to be able to supply medical units and tools to the UN. 

The PQS precertification means that the modified Land Cruiser 78 complies with all WHO specifications and can be purchased by UN-affiliated companies and NGOs around the world for efficient vaccine transport.

Toyota land cruiser vaccine transport

Responsibilities of each company

The CF850 vaccine refrigerator is supplied by B Medical Systems. Vehicle installation and conversion were carried out by the Toyota Tsusho Group companies CFAO SAS and TOYOTA CUSTOMIZING & DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd.

Toyota Tsusho, as a company receiving PQS prequalification, uses its expertise and experience of issues gained through business in Africa to provide a refrigerated vehicle for vaccines. Toyota gave its model named “Toyota land cruiser