Tesla model I bookings open in India at Rs.19.9 lakh

Tesla model I bookings open in India at Rs.19.9 lakh(Approx. 27,119 USD) offers 976 km range.

In a recent tweet by the CEO of Tesla, he confirms that the company is working on an electric vehicle that will be below their model 3 in the category of EV. The new model will be named “Tesla Model I” and might be the first made in India vehicle by Tesla. Rumours were such that the model will be named “model ll” but as it was further looked into it came out to the LimeLight that the new model will be named “model I”

The price of the Tesla Model I will be around 19 to 20 Lakhs in Indian rupees. Also, the bookings for the model I have already begun for the initial installment of rupees 59999 only. CEO, Elon Musk has said that bitcoin is also accepted as a form of payment and the company is also working on the process of accepting payments through other cryptocurrencies.

Tesla Model I

The exterior design of model I is similar to model y and the interior part is more fascinating because of its cool and new-age design.

Tesla model I bookings open in India at Rs.19.9 lakh(Approx. 27,119 USD) offers 976 km range.
Tesla Model I Interior (image source from gaadiwaadi.com)

The design of the steering wheel of the car is inspired by a gaming joystick and the users can also pair their car with the new ps5 controller, but sadly in India driving the car with the ps5 joystick is not yet permitted.

The Tesla Model I will be available in 5 different colours namely magicians red, star platinum, silver chariot, olive green and hermit purple. And also to boost the mileage and speed of the car it will come with the 52-kilowatt hour battery package.

Tesla Model I will be available in two versions based on the configuration. The single motor RWD with a range of 901 kilometres and The dual-motor AWD with a range of 976 kilometres.

It will also include an entertainment system in which Apple car play and Android Auto will be supported and the PlayStation can also be connected to this system and can be enjoyed on the go. It will also support the widely famous streaming apps such as Netflix, prime video, Hotstar, Eros now etc. Elon Musk also stated that he will be providing early access to many of the popular shows on these platforms and will make them available before the other viewers.

Also, this car will be a collaboration with Elon musk space x and will provide direct images from the satellite while parking or driving the car in reverse so that one can know about the real-time objects near his or her car and have optimum safety and the best experience while driving.

As in India there are no proper traffic rules and people drive rashly and the two-wheelers don’t have a separate lane. Due to these reasons, Tesla will not be able to provide autopilot mode in the upcoming model. This model will be cost-efficient and serve the purpose of saving fuel and the environment at the same time.

Tesla Model I will be sleek and attractive but at the same time will be solid and completely safe because of the airbag technology which is provided with both at the front seats as well as the back seats of the car which gives a sense of complete safety.

Being said all that we expect all the features and performance to blend in this new model by Tesla and It may boost the market of electric vehicles in India which will help in sustaining the environment and the non-renewable resources.

The change of using electric vehicles over the vehicles which use petroleum-like diesel, gas, LPG and petrol will immensely improve the air quality and will help in leading a healthy life and will bring down the percentage of pollutants and toxic gases in the atmosphere.