Bengaluru-based start-up Simple Energy will launch its flagship electric scooter "Mark 2"

Bengaluru-based start-up Simple Energy will launch its flagship electric scooter “Mark 2”

A Bengaluru-based EV startup named “Simple Energy” is coming up with a two-wheeled electric scooter called Mark 2. It is expected to launch in May 2021.

The growing demand for Electric vehicles is clear evidence that the future of the automotive industry is highly dependent on EVs.

Furthermore, the Government is also encouraging people to adopt electric vehicles rather than regular vehicles. 

For instance, NITI Aayog has also stated that India will entirely shift to Electric vehicles till the year 2030. Delhi government has also launched a campaign called ‘Switch Delhi’ through which the awareness for electric vehicles is increasing by the government. 

Keeping in mind the level of pollution in Delhi, this step is going to be very effective in complying with the EV policy which was announced last year. But the question arises, why the concept of electric scooter is not yet adopted by many Indians?

Because when a middle-class Indian purchase a scooter then the two factors which mostly considered are Better mileage and Price efficiency.

However, the electric scooters available in India are 60 per cent more pricey than the normal ones. This is the major reason behind the slow acceptance of Electric scooters in a country like India. Some of the other reasons include the limited features offered by electric scooters in India. For instance, limited options, high battery’s replacement cost, the poor structure of charging and many more.

To overcome this issue, Simple Energy has come up with this outstanding electric two-wheeler called Mark 2. The features of Mark 2 is satisfying all the aspects of an ideal two-wheeler for Indians. This path-breaking Electric scooter is affordable, offers high charging duration, range anxiety. 

Simple Energy Mark 2

This Bengaluru-based Start-up is incorporated by Shreshth Mishra and Suhas Raj Kumar in the year 2019.

Critical research was conducted by Simple Energy to build Electric Two-wheeler in a whole different manner.

Features like Chassis design, Surface design, Battery development, motor development is done uniquely.

The reason behind these efforts was to create an ideal Electric two-wheeler for Indians.

Above all these, this Electric scooter is a Made in India product, which is a huge achievement for all the Indians. 

The company’s model- MARK 1 has received approval from ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) for a speed of more than 230 km.

Simple Energy has also developed a battery pack of the 4-kilowatt hour.

It also consists of features like a 4G internet connection (24×7), smart touch dashboard of 7 inches, 40 minutes charging time at home and many other impressive features.

According to the report from Avendus Capital, the market of electric vehicle in India is estimated to reach Rs 50,000 crore by the year 2025.

Suhas Rajkumar stated that the Indian market expects a product with is economical in terms of price as well as fuel. The estimated range of Mark-2 scooter will be around 1,10,000 Rs to 1,20,000 Rs. Regarding location, the startup is planning to launch its model in cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.

And it is slowly looking up to expand in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

The testing pictures of this revolutionary electric scooter went viral all over India.

It commits the highest riding range in comparison to the other electric scooters which are present in the Indian market.

Also, It has been confirmed that the company has fixed its first place of a factory in Whitefield. This factory will have the capability of producing 50,000 units.

According to the rumours, Mark 2 electric scooter will have a high speed of 100 km per hour and a 4.8kWh lithium-ion battery.

Other valuable features include a mid-drive motor with remarkable design and a changeable battery. Moreover, it also consists of some awesome features like Bluetooth, touch screen, on-board navigation and many more.

Regarding the name, Mr Rajkumar stated that Mark 2 came after the name called Mark 1. Although, the final name is not yet decided.

In January this year, the company raised an anonymous fund from investors like Vice president- Global business, Vel Kanniappan and other investors.

The company is further looking forward to raising around 8 to 10 million USD in the second quarter of this year.