Pune EV Start-up’s Nexzu E-Cycle Run 1000 Km At Just Rs 50

Pune EV Start-up’s E-Cycles Run 1000 Km At Just Rs 50, Can Be Charged Like Phones

A few years back, the EV i.e. Electric Vehicle Industry was riddled with several questions and doubts regarding the lack of policies and incentives and feasibility of infrastructure that would boost the industry. However, post-2018 things have changed and favorable policies are formed due to which the industry has witnessed a significant boom. A Pune-based start-up Nexzu E-Cycle that is targeting customers who are trying to make a shift to a more sustainable lifestyle is Nexzu e-cycle. It sells e-cycles and e-scooters and was begins in 2015 by Atulya Mittal.

Atulya tells us how their electric vehicle model not only benefits owners due to cheap costs but is also environment-friendly.

For example, let say, the cost for driving an electric vehicle is Rs. 0.2/km, against the fossil-fuel guzzling automobiles that cost Rs. 1.5/km. Nexus e-cycles can run for 150 km and e-scooters for 45 km on the charge of Rs. 10*. The e-cycles of Nexzu can run for 1000 km for Rs. 50. *(Rs. 10 worth of consumption of electricity for charging. The cost per unit is around Rs. 8).

Features of the e-cycles

The price of e-cycles is between Rs. 31983 – Rs. 42317 and were launched just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit our nation. The e-bicycles are comes with 26-inch nylon tyres and a 250-watt, 36-volt brushless DC motor. The electric cycles have 2 variants – Roadlark and Rompus+. Both the variants take 3 hours to 4 hours for a full charge with a life cycle of 750 charges. While Rompus+ can run for 30 km on a single charge, Roadlark can go for more than 80 km.

Roadlark has a range of 55 km in throttle mode and 65 km in pedal mode. Rompus+ has a range of 20 km in throttle mode and 25 km in pedal mode. It comes with 2 batteries – one installed in-frame and one detachable. Accessories come as a part of standard fitting and these include horns, rear reflectors, wheel reflectors, dual disc (front and rear), lights, 2 sturdy mudguards (front and rear). The battery and motor offer a 1.5-year warranty. You can either book the e-cycles via 70 dealers spread across the country, or head over to the company’s website for online purchase. Nexus plant in Chakan, Pune can manufacture fifty thousand bikes every year.

Overcoming challenges

The biggest learning curve for Nexzu was finding its way into the auto industry. COVID-19 also posed a challenge for them, but they overcome it by working remotely and by identifying areas to strengthen the company.


Despite the challenges, Nexzu has effectively established a strong presence and made its mark in India’s green mobility segment over the years. Soon, the company aims to introduce new products (including 2 new premium e-cycles) and capture international export markets.

In a bid to simplify access to Nexzu’s products, the brand will soon go live on online platforms like BikeForSale, Choosemybicycle, Paytm, and Amazon for selling e-cycles.