Bajaj Pulsar 180

Over 10 million DTS-i bikes sold by Bajaj Auto

Bajaj DTSi Engine
Bajaj DTSi Engine

Bajaj Auto has been sold over 10 million unit of bikes bases on its patented DTS-i technology. The technology was first introduced by the company on its Pulsar brand 150 and 180. And now this technology is also incorporated in all bikes as well. DTS-i has a meaning. Digital Twin Spark ignition.

Commenting on the occasion, K Srinivas, president Motorcycle Business at Bajaj Auto said, “This technology has contributed substantially to our leadership in the sports segment and also in creating a differentiated offering in the commuter segment. At a time when fuel prices are skyrocketing, our DTS-i technology has proved extremely beneficial to our customers.”

Bajaj earlier announced that it will unveil its new range of Pulsars in early December 2011 and that the all-new range will come with technology better than the current DTS-i. Many of these technologies will also be adapted in the Discover range in the future.

Bajaj’s Pulsar is also celebrating 10 years in the Indian market since its launch in November 2001.

Know More About Technologies used by Bajaj

  • DTS-i Digital Twin Spark – ignition
  • Twin Spark Ignition
  • Trics III
  • Intelligent C.D.I.
  • ExhausTEC
  • 4 VALVE

DTS-i Digital Twin Spark – ignition

A patented technology that has made Pulsar the most followed bike both on the road and in competition R&D labs.

At the heart of every Pulsar is one of the most sophisticated engine technology this country has ever built. The DTS-i System. A technological marvel that ensures maximum performance with the lowest consumption and emission levels possible. We will be more than happy to let a Pulsarmaniac like you, get to know the secret behind this breakthrough Pulsar technology.

Twin Spark Ignition

Normal ignition system has a single spark plug. The flame front created by the spark takes some time to reach the entire combustion chamber. Hence the burning of air-fuel mixture is slow and incomplete.

In case of twin spark, two spark-plugs fire at the same time. This simultaneous firing and swirl of the air-fuel mixture results in complete combustion. This action is digitally controlled by the DTS-i system (namely the twin spark plugs, TRICS III and intelligent CDI)

::: Benefit: :::

  • Complete combustion of air-fuel mixture gives maximum power without sacrificing mileage output.
  • Ensures emissions are eco-friendly

Trics III

Power and torque requirements constantly change, depending on whether the rider is cruising, accelerating or is at high speeds/max speed.

Throttle Responsive Ignition Control System – III is an intelligent system which can quickly adapt ignition timing to suit different riding characteristics.

::: Benefit: :::

  • TRICS III helps in achieving a good balance between low-to-mid range torque and top-end power.
  • This helps to ride easily in different conditions like flyovers, hilly areas, dense traffic and highway cruising.

TRICS III is patented by Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Intelligent C.D.I.

The Intelligent Capacitor Discharge Ignition (C.D.I) contains a microprocessor, which continuously senses different speeds and load on engine and responds by altering ignition timing.

Working together with the TRICSIII system, the microprocessor’s memory provides optimum ignition timings for any given engine rpm, thereby obtaining the best combustion performance.

::: Benefit: :::

  • Improves fuel-efficiency and reduces engine noise and vibration through smoother power delivery.

Intelligent CDI is patented by Bajaj Auto Ltd.


Bajaj's EXHAUSTEC Engine Technology
Bajaj’s EXHAUSTEC Engine Technology

ExhausTEC’ is a device incorporated in the exhaust system. TEC stands for Torque Expansion Chamber. It is a tuned box (resonator) fitted onto the header pipe of the exhaust.

In the lower rpm zones, the ExhausTEC helps to build a negative pressure pulse (vacuum) at the exhaust valve, thereby sucking in more air-fuel mixture into the cylinder during intake valve opening.

::: Benefit: :::

  • ExhausTEC produces high torque.
  • Frequent gear shifting is not required in traffic, as vehicle has ability to pull in higher gears even at lower speeds.

ExhausTEC is patented by Bajaj Auto Ltd.


Bajaj's 4VALVE Engine Technology
Bajaj’s 4VALVE Engine Technology

A typical 2 valve engine has just 1/3 combustion chamber head area covered by the valves, but a 4 valve head increases that to more than 50% area. Because of this flow area of intake & exhaust port / passages leading to valves also get increased.

This facilitates induction of more quantity of charge (air-fuel mixture) and also evacuation of all burnt gases inside the combustion chamber ensure faster, cleaner & more efficient combustion. This engine has 2 intake & 2 exhaust valves compared to 1 Intake & 1 exhaust Valve of a 2 valve engine. These valves are smaller & light weight compared to that of 2 valve engine. 4 Valves (2 Intake & 2 exhaust valves) are introduced to improve breathing means – intake & exhaust process of engine…

Technologies that patented by Bajaj Auto Ltd
  1. DTS-i Digital Twin Spark – ignition
  3. Intelligent C.D.I.
  4. ExhausTEC