Smartphone Maker OPPO set to enter the EV market, can launch OPPO Electric Scooter and Car

OPPO Electric Scooter and Car: Smartphone Maker set to enter the EV market by 2024

Yes that’s right. We all heard it, that new player OPPO all set to enter in EV market with it’s first ever launch of EVs by 2024. Could launch OPPO Electric Scooter and Car. Which also could be very competitive against other marnufacturers like Ola, Ather, Bajaj, Mahindra, Tata and Tesla.

The Indian EV arena is heading towards an interesting phase. While at one end, we have players like Tata, Mahindra & even Tesla- which is on its plan to roll out its variant in the country; on the other end, we can see the Chinese smartphone makers’ interest in developing an EV for the Indian market. Adding onto the same, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is reportedly venturing into the potentially lucrative space of EV. The company plans to launch its first line up of EV by the end of the year 2024. 

With the advent of connected car tech, the intermingling of smart phones and cars has never been more pronounced, which gives Oppo and other such companies a long way in having better control over the integration of connected tech. This for a fact makes the entry of Oppo into the world of electric mobility an interesting news in itself. As reported by 91 mobiles, Oppo has already been working on its EV plans for India, with Oppo’s CEO-Tony Chan noted to have met many companies that manufacture batteries and supply other parts for Tesla. 

Reasons for Oppo to make the entry into the EV Market- Perfectly Timed!

We’ve seen Oppo for bringing in many firsts in the smartphone industry & is now trying to pave its way in the EV sector. Oppo is reportedly working to develop its first fully electric car which is expected to hit the roads by 2024. Considering India as the biggest market for Oppo having its ecosystem already in place with manufacturing logistics and after sales service, Oppo’s entry into the EV industry is surely perfectly timed. 

EV is the next natural face of expansion with smartphones, smart TV’s and other IoT products having reached their saturation with no significant advancements coming in near future. Also, EV is slowly gaining popularity as one of the preferred choices for mobility and with the given fuel prices and just a few adjustments to cater to along-with charging stations consideration, this form of mobility is surely an advantageous opportunity for this smartphone maker.

Globally Apple and Google have also started working on in the segment with soon to become reality launch of e-scooters, e-motorcycles and even electric cars. The move for Oppo venturing into the EV segment isn’t quite as surprising because its rivals like Xiaomi have already announced their plans. Oppo is trying to develop the electric front followed by One Plus. 

Oppo’s Futuristic View

Oppo in India has its largest manufacturing facility in U.P’s Greater Noida for its production of smartphones and other IoT devices for One Plus, Realme and itself. Oppo is a part of China based BBK Electronics which also has sister companies like Vivo, One Plus, Realme and Iooo, all of which operate in India. For now, it has only filed a trademark for the upcoming EV project and hasn’t yet come up with any manufacturing plant or hasn’t even released any information related to the manufacturing of the same. It is even speculated that like the mobiles, Oppo’s EV would too be affordable just like its Chinese Counterparts. With just a few minor tweaks according to the EV form factor, Oppo’s entry would surely be advantageous for the brand and interesting for the consumers.

Oppo Electric Scooter and competitions

Not one, two or three. There are floods coming in EV start ups. We have already seen many so far, and who knows how many is on the way.

Oppo will have really tough competition in India if they launches their electric scooter in India. We’re already seeing lout-selling and breaking records in India in electric scooter segment. Electric bike is little behind.

The question is will India like Oppo Electric Scooter as much as they do for their smartphones. A tech giant company from China or will they consider other’s instead on quality concern.

Entry or Exit

Given the news, what is your take on Oppo’s Entry into the mobility sector? Would you be the one to purchase an OPPO EV? Would you wish to buy an OPPO electric scooter or an e-car? Let’s share your opinion in the comment box below. Until then do wait for some more interesting news brewing in the mobility industry, coming up soon…