Ola Future Factory - The World's Largest Women Only Two Wheeler Factory

Aatmanirbhar Bharat Movement at Global Level with Aatmanirbhar Women at Ola Future Factory

Guess what? It’s not only Electric Vehicles that are creating a buzz alone in the automotive market. Along with it, the new buzz in the world of automotive industry is the Ola Future Factory in Tamil Nadu. Do you know why it is the talk of the town? It’s in the news and everywhere, for being the world’s largest Women-Only Automotive Manufacturing Facility globally.

Announcement of Inclusivity & Exclusivity

To set up its first electric scooter factory, the ride sharing app-Ola had announced ₹2,400-crore investment last year. Ola is now creating a stir by being set to employ over 10,000 women workforces for Ola Electric Scooter Factory in Tamil Nadu, which was announced to support the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Movement. As announced by the Chairman and Group CEO of Ola- Bhavish Aggarwal, “AatmaNirbhar Bharat requires Aatmanirbhar Women”. He also added by saying that we must prioritize upskilling and generating employment from our women workforce for India to become the world’s manufacturing hub. This is a move in support of creating more inclusive workspaces and empowering women by providing economic opportunities across the board. 

Vision & Mission- Ola

Ola Electric CEO was noted saying on the macroeconomic prospects of the move about how enabling women with economic opportunities would improve not just their lives, but that of their families and indeed the whole community. He further added that this kind of parity in the labor workforce to women can grow India’s GDP by 27 per cent. He is of the belief that Indian women shall bring the EV revolution from India to the world.

This unique All-Women manufacturing plant is spread across 500 acres in Tamil Nadu, which is called the Ola Future factory. The said 10,000 women shall be employed, when the production accelerates to full scale. To drive the EV revolution as promised by Ola, the first batch of the exclusive women workforce has arrived at Chennai, brimming with full enthusiasm. The women employees at OLA are already feeling as a part of the revolution, where dreams have transformed to reality for them. It is all set to commence sales of its electric scooters-S1 Series- S1 & S1 Pro electric scooters for delivery.

The company is planning to manufacture 10 million 2-wheelers by 2022. Its Phase 1 has an annual production capacity of 2 million units. This comes with the aim to make 1 electric scooter every 2 seconds on its 10 production lines. To achieve the same, Ola Electric and The CEO has invested significantly to train and upskill it’s all women employees, alongside more than 3,000 AI-driven robots for the entire production at Ola #FutureFactory.

To ensure low costs, Ola Electric makes its own battery packs, motor, vehicle computer and software to ensure that 90% parts are present in close proximity to the #FutureFactory. It also would have its own paint shop with corrosion-resistant range of paintjobs, end-to-end automated conveyor movement for motors, weld shops with cold metal transfer technology and ASRS set-up. This would help reduce storage space for manufactured vehicles by 60%. It would also be receiving 20% of its power requirements from rooftop solar panel installation, with an intention to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible.

Ola Future Factory - The World's Largest Women Only Two Wheeler Factory
Ola Future Factory – The World’s Largest Women Only Two Wheeler Factory

Bright, Clean Vision of Future with OLA

With all the roar and pompousness for the Future Factory, Mr. Aggarwal has envisioned Ola Future Factory to be one step towards their vision of the world’s future- a world with clean mobility, a carbon-negative footprint and an inclusive workforce. He added saying that Ola will continue to take steps that get them closer to achieving each of these across Ola and encourage others to join their revolution in the view to accelerate India’s progress.

With such a bright, empowering and motivating note, let’s join hands towards greener India with inclusive and positive thoughts and actions in all areas of life.