Ola EV Carbs New EV category Launch

Ola EV Cabs added as new category to ride sharing EV taxi service

So today in this post I’ll explain about the new EV category launch by Ola Cabs in London and letting it’s customers to choose Ola EV Cabs for their next ride. As we all know, Ola is the one of the best company in India providing ride sharing taxi service founded by Bhavish Agarwal and Ankit Bhati. The company is an Indian multinational ride-sharing company which offers service in many parts of the world. The company is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka and as per the research in October 2019 Ola valued evaluation up to US$ 6.5 billion.

Many of the capitalists have a large stake in the Ola company. So in this post, we’ll get to know every single detail about the Ola EV category. So if you’re looking forward to knowing about it make sure you stay tuned till the end.

Concept of EV

As we know Electric vehicles are another boom in the market. Electric vehicles are our future. People are more relatable and comfortable adopting the EV concept as many companies are taking a step forward to make the Earth a better planet again.

As there should be continuity of human being on the Earth, a person who is constantly working on it founder of Tesla, PayPal and SpaceX Mr. Elon Musk has entertained the thought and worked hard to give growth to this EV concept. And today Tesla is a well-known electric vehicle manufacturing company.

Ola EV Cabs - Electric Mobility Charging Stations - Mahindra e20 Charging
Ola EV Cabs – Electric Mobility Charging Stations – Mahindra e20 Charging

Ola on EVs

As the Ola EV Cabs, new categpry will offer the same comfort to its customers. As this concept has given rise first in London, the Ola EV Cabs has 700 drivers in London and this number is growing constantly. As this number is taking growth day by day and as there will be more growth in upcoming days.

For a sustainable and valuable future, ride-sharing platform Ola, launched a new category for their customers which is an electric vehicle category on the ride-sharing platform. This category will allow the Ola riders to take the same and amazing ride in a fully electric vehicle. This concept was adopted by the UK at first and this is called Ola EV Cabs and the first Ola EV will be available across London from 13th May 2021.

Slowly it will be adopted by many other cities throughout the world. As per the statement by the company, Ola claimed that the riders will get the same comfort category on the Ola app.

Ola EV Cabs, launch of a new EV category

The launch of Ola EV Cabs has benefited a lot of people and Ola has done great work and taken up one step towards emission-free rides,”. Many people are working really hard for a better transportation tomorrow, and the automobile industries are playing a big role in this.

Marc Rozendal said we are excited for this launch of a new EV category of Ola taxi service. The Ola EV will start in London and we are looking forward to expanding this across every other countries and cities in the world.

This is the First step towards the measures over this new experiment. As this will help every single person and it will improve air quality as well across the capital and it will support the Mayor of London’s bold plans.

For all-electric riders, Ola will offer a market-leading 0 percent commission rate for the first 3 months.

Ola plans on extending the offers and key partnerships to provide safe and comfortable options for the drivers. The driver-centric approach will help to increase the number of electric vehicles and it will also empower the riders for their travel needs.


So friends, today in this post I’ve given you in depth detail about the new EV category launch by Ola where customers can select Ola EV Cabs as their choice to ride with instead regular options. We hope you enjoyed reading this and give a thumbs up and sharing with your friends. Which will encourage me more to write more and best post specially curated for you. Hope you got to know more about Ola’s new EV category. If you’ve any question, please comment below and I’ll try my best to reply asap.