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Ola electric scooter update: Test drive dates revealed

If you have been looking to purchase an e-scooter and have your eye on the Ola S1 or its feature-enhanced S1 Pro variant, we’ve got some news that will help you expedite your decision making process. As per media reports, test drives of the newly launched Ola electric scooter will begin next month.

Customers who have already made reservations for Ola electric scooter were informed via email that they will be able to test ride the scooters starting November 10. This is a fantastic opportunity for the customers to see, first hand, how the scooters will hold up depending on particular weather conditions/terrain and whether they’d prefer to ride an e-scooter over their current vehicle.

Also, Ola Electric has confirmed that they will be extending the allotted time for payments by several more days. The deadline for final payments has now been extended until November 10 due to popular consumer demand. However, this does not mean that you’ll have to wait any longer than usual before your scooter arrives; Ola Electric is still planning to begin their delivery schedules on November 25 as originally planned.

Ola Electric has confirmed that these free test rides will also require rider eligibility which means buyers must show their driver’s license. Riders who participate in test rides don’t need to pay for the ride but they do, however, need to be 18 or older and possess a valid driver’s license and permit where applicable. It will also likely be important for riders to prepare with questions about the tests as Ola may ask for feedback before getting down to it. 

Ola announced their S1 scooters for sale in August, but due to technical problems were forced to delay the sales date by over a week. Shortly after the scooter’s launch, Ola claimed to have made ₹1,100 crore worth of sales during only two days of sales. 

Ola Futurefactory, a unit of Ola Electric Mobility Limited, is said to be the largest two-wheeler manufacturing facility in the world. Led by a highly capable team of 10,000 women. The company has been successful in making their mark on production in terms of reliable and resilient results: within six months of its establishment, Ola successfully produced India’s first e-scooter and went on to manufacture around 20 lakh electric scooters. This figure is expected to multiply exponentially when at full scale production begins next year.

All about Ola Electric Scooter


The power pack of the two Ola electric scooters are different, the Ola S1 uses a 2.98kWh battery while the Ola S1 Pro uses a bigger 3.97kWh battery. These figures end up translating to a claimed range of up to 121km for the Ola S1, while the bigger capacity battery found on the Ola S1 Pro means that you could travel up to 180kms or so without putting too much strain on your scooter’s batteries! Both electric scooters also have multiple riding modes built-in so you can pick one based on your riding style or current terrain conditions if you want extra performance.

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The Ola S1 has been priced at ₹99,999 while the Ola S1 Pro model is available for ₹1,29,999. They are both cheaper in some states than others. For example, the Ola S1 drops to ₹79,999 in Gujarat while the Ola S1 Pro can be bought for ₹1,09,999 in the same state. This is because there are subsidies in place to entice people into buying electric vehicles in these particular cities and states – There’s an added incentive for people living where there is scope to improve air quality or help make environments more eco-friendly.

Finance Options

Ola Financial Services offers multiple financing options through partnering banks and other finance companies. Ola has partnered with several major lending institutions including IDFC First Bank, HDFC, and TATA Capital to offer financing for vehicle acquisitions. Those looking to get their hands on the Ola S1 can start paying monthly instalments of ₹2,999 while the Ola S1 Pro will cost ₹3,199 for users who want to avail of this financing option.

Colour Options 

Ola says that in total, there will be five color options for the Ola S1 and 10 for the Ola S1 Pro.