Ola Air Pro: इलेक्ट्रिक फ्लाइंग कार! लाइफ में बस एक बार करना होगा चार्ज, कहीं अप्रैल फूल प्रैंक तो नहीं

Ola Air Pro: The Flying Car

On April 1, don’t fall for anything because Ola flying cars are here. It feels like on this April Fool’s day many Indian companies are pranking the people. The latest to join this trend is tech giants which are Ola cabs. In the recent teaser, ola has introduced its Ola air Pro. That was all about the Ola choppers which will drop people to their destinations and give the service for which they are known for. The door-to-door service via choppers will be insane to look at in an Indian market.

And one of the most important things is the website of Ola Air pro states doesn’t even need a license to fly these cars. So in this post, we will give you every single detail which has come out about the Ola flying cabs.

Ola Air Pro news

Talking about the news on Thursday 1 April, the CEO of Ola cab revealed the launch of the Ola Air Pro which could be one of the best things we heard this year. The video posted by the Ola States much information about the flying car. The video posted features higher authorities and the idea of Ola Air is to take the journey above the clouds. We can say this journey will take us above everything.

The CEO of the Ola company says “Introducing the world’s first, only Fully Autonomous Electric flying car,” As we see the increase in the price of fuels which is a problem for many persons in India. The engineer of the Ola company says “There’s one thing that goes higher than our car, it’s our fuel prices.

The puracell battery technology was introduced by the Ola company and now that’s required is only a one-time charge and the car will charge itself as it’s turned down. Impossible right? This news has shocked many people but as we see the Tesla is coming to India and as we know electric cars are our future.

Many people out there are wondering why it took them six years to develop the car? The Ola company says that finding a parking spot in urban cities is quite a hard task and hence the Ola air Pro has created Ola hives.

On the Twitter handle of the Ola, it states that Say hello to the world’s first-ever fully autonomous, electric flying car. An urban commuter is advanced, the first to call itself a pro. Here is the “Ola Air Pro”

The Ola says in the introduction of this car “Ab har Family bharegi udaan“. Many people shared their views and congratulated Ola for this invention whereas many people think that it’s a prank by Ola to enhance their market status.

Ola Air Pro


So here in this post, we mentioned every single detail which we get about the Ola flying cars. We hope you like this post. Soon we will get to know further details about the flying car. If you find the given information helpful then make sure you share it.