Okinawa's Upcoming Okhi 90 Electric Scooter

Okinawa’s Upcoming Electric Scooter Okhi 90 is flooding the social medias

Okinawa’s Upcoming Electric Scooter – Okhi 90 of 2022 will make its official debut later this month, around March 24th. Social medias are flooded with teasers of Okinawa’s upcoming electric scooter Okhi 90’s launch.

One of the largest manufacturers of electric 2-wheelers in India, Okinawa seems all set to create benchmarks in the segment of e-scooter, which is set to launch as the next biggest, fastest, and quite different looking e-scooter in India. Okinawa Autotech has teased the upcoming electric 2 -wheeler Okhi90 on their social media account. Its camouflaged model has been spotted being tested on Indian roads several times before too.

Okinawa’s History & Future Outlook

Founder and Managing Director Jeetender Sharma Okinawa Autotech
Founder and Managing Director Jeetender Sharma Okinawa Autotech

Founder and Managing Director Jeetender Sharma Okinawa Autotech was quoted saying that “Okinawa is gearing up to be 100% localized by the end of this fiscal year as against 92% currently”. He further clarified that Okinawa is Made in India and Made for India company and has only found its inspiration in Japan. The rest is history and Indian. He looked back to when he visited Okinawa-Japan in 2015, he saw that people had a long lifespan and believed it to be due to zero pollution. The MD was inspired to bring back all that he had seen back to India and contribute to a greener environment. His determination is to bring EV 2-wheeler to every common man in India.

Further talking about the plans of expansion Mr. Sharma said that there are a lot of benefits from the government side, but also a lot depends on demand and supply. The increasing demand, as well as government schemes, will be very beneficial to EV companies, with an increase of 30% demand for EV 2 -wheelers than the previous year. Unlike the capacity of 1,00,000 units per year for Okinawa, it is now planning to increase it to 2,00,000 and eventually 1,000,000 a year.

Additionally, it is also favoring women riders with Okinawa Lite which has a push start, pillion footrest, digital speedometer, and auto-handle lock features that are well suited for women riders and is comfortable and sleek as told by Mr. Sharma.

Considering at all, this is a good time for the EV industry said, Mr. Sharma.

Okinawa’s Features, Details & More

Okinawa has not yet shared much detail about the upcoming model of the high-speed scooter. According to the reports, it is likely to come with a detachable lithium-ion battery pack that will Help owners to take the battery home for charging it overnight. The scooter will have a claimed top speed of around 80 kmph. It is likely to have a range of around 160 kilometers on a single charge.

Going by the teaser & pictures, Okhi 90 electric scooter is shown to have a wide front cowl with integrated LED indicators and LED headlamp with integrated daytime running lights and will also be equipped with chrome surrounds on the railway mirror and front panel. The style-conscious buyers, in particular, may find the motorcycle-like styling quite appealing of this ride.

The scooter will also make use of the lightweight aluminum alloy wheels to aid performance and looks at the same time. Okhi 90 will also come with Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in GPS feature to help assist navigation on the move. The seat of Okhi 90 is long and wide which will provide comfort when riding with a pillion. The handlebar too seemed wide which makes it an ideal setup for short city commutes. On the mechanical design front, this upcoming e-scooter shows telescopic forks front suspension, alongside dual-gas shock absorbers for the rear. The footboard seems small compromising on functionality.

Overall, the instant impression for the design and looks of this e-scooter is of the yesteryears Kinetic K4, with larger wheels, giving it a motorcycle stance and an impression that it will be agile and fun to ride around the city.

Pricing & Rivals

Okinawa is the top-selling electric 2-wheeler brand in India after Hero Electric and the Okhi 90 will compete with rivals such as Ola S1, Simple One, Bajaj Chetak, TVS iQube, etc.

Okinawa’s upcoming electric scooter, Okhi 90 is expected to be priced between ₹1 lakh to ₹1.20 lakh.

All in all, Okinawa’s Upcoming Electric Scooter, Okhi 90 might end up providing one of the best riding ranges in an e-scooter segment in India.

Okinawa's Upcoming Electric Scooter- Okhi 90
Okinawa’s Upcoming Electric Scooter- Okhi 90 (representation only using one of Okinawa’s scooter)

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