The MG Cyberster is a retro EV with 500 miles of range, 5G connection

The MG Cyberster is a retro EV with 500 miles of range, 5G connection

MG to hit the market with an electric sports car called Cyberster. The time of release has been set and will be revealed this month at the Shanghai Auto show. The MG Cyberster has got its design cues from the model of MGB by MG. The driving range that will be offered by this car will be around 800km per charge.

When MG was launched, it was mainly known and famous for its sports cars in the companies early stages. By the time it was bought by SAIC in the year 2005, the global portfolio of this company now consists of most SUVs.

And to prove the point it is also a fact that the British car making company discontinued its sports car TF roadster in 2011 and has not built a single sports car since then. But the company is planning to get back to its specialty with the concept of the MG Cyberster.

The first glance of the car was seen in the year 2020, the Cyberster is a two-seater roadster that brings back the memories of the classic MGB Roadster. However, the Cyberster is a combination of the carmaker’s history and its future, and as a result, the Cyberster is made to be a completely electric car.

The concept of MG Cyberster is set to be revealed this month at the Shanghai auto show which is expected to be taking place somewhere between 21st April and 28th April.

As it is the Global debut of the MG Cyberster, MG stated that the car will be a high-performance roadster that will be able to go from Zero to 100 km/h in only 3 seconds.

MG also added that the roadster’s mart and all-electric model will make it able to cover about 800 Km on ane single charge. However, these features are true only for the concept and the production model that is expected to be revealed in 2024 is likely to offer a lower range of driving. 

MG has also released out some images of the concept as a teaser. And from these images, as it is seen that the MG Cyberster will be taking its design styling from the MGB roadster, the most eye-catching is the prominent round headlight with a slim grille that is flanking.

According to MG, the headlights will be containing the LED lights in them and will get turned on automatically when the vehicle will be powered on. Some of the prominent features of the MG Cyberster are the Front shovel lower lip, the long bonnet with two prominent kinks, Large air intakes, Black stripes on the bonnet, etc. 

To enhance the dynamic stance of the Cyberster its profile will support a laser belt LED strip and also two shoulder lines and with that the rear portion will be sporty Kammback styling. These details tell that it will have a flat tail end and also have a rear spoiler for improving the advanced aerodynamics of the vehicle.

The aesthetics of the model overall are exceptional and they are more enhanced by the LED lights provided in the tail light which also has an arrow-like turn indicator.

The director of the SAIC Design advanced Carl Gotham said in London that  “The Cyberster is a bold statement that looks strongly into MG’s future, which will bring us back to the heritage and also, more importantly, it will be built on our edge-cutting technology and advanced design. Sports cars are the heart of the MG company and The Cyberster is an immensely exciting project for us because of its concept.”

This is all the information that we currently have on the new electric beast by MG that is Cyberster and it is expected that in the auto show in shanghai we will get to know about the model and the concepts in more detail by the end of this month. This Electric car by MG is supposed to take all its competitors by surprise on its launch lets hope that The Cyberster matches the expectations of the customers.

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