Mercedes-Benz EQT Concept unveiled

Mercedes-Benz EQT Concept unveiled

So here is the new concept by Mercedes Benz. As per the news, the Mercedes Benz is unveiling its new concept EQT in May 2021. Welcome the new member of Mercedes-Benz EQT the small van segment. The Mercedes-Benz EQT small van will be revealed on May 10 and is the forerunner to the new T class in a small segment.

The electric version of T class. As the concept is ready to be unveiled the credit goes to german carmakers who made it possible by giving rise to EQS flagship electric sedan which is followed by EQB compact in the same week. And Now, the EQ lineup is gearing up for a new concept of EQT. The electric version of the T-Class van.

Mercedes-Benz EQT Concept unveiled
Mercedes-Benz EQT

The Mercedes Benz strategy of “Electric first” continues and we’ll see the new Mercedes-Benz EQT ahead of the next generation conventionally powered T class. Calling it a pioneer of a new class for travel with families and friends. The carmakers say that the EQT will bring a V class-inspired carrier formula to the city van. They also revealed that they’ll make use of “sensual purity” design direction, the EQT will be created by taking cues from other EQ models and they will offer a new body style.

As per the news the EQT is near production and it will make its debut as a concept EQT on May 10. Meanwhile, we can expect the road-going version to show up before the year ends. With the EQ growing models EQA, EQB, EQC, EQV, and EQS – the EQT will soon be followed by EQE. And many other models will be launched before the year 2022. As the Mercedes Benz is looking to bring a new level of quality for the small van.

The EQT will offer a spacious and variable interior and Mercedes promises that it will be way more comfortable and filled with Amazing features. With this luxurious van, the Mercedes Benz is expanding its portfolio for private customers revealing a new energy level model.


As we’ll get to know more about the Mercedes-Benz EQT Concept on May 10 We hope you like the given information and receive valuable information from this.