1,300 Light specialist vehicles made by Mahindra defense Ltd.

1,300 Light specialist vehicles made by Mahindra defense Ltd.

Mahindra defense is serving at its best. The Mahindra company is giving 1,300 Light Specialist vehicles to the Indian army which are worth Rs 1,056 Crore. The ministry of defense has announced on Monday that they have finalized a contract with Mahindra motors. The Mahindra defense system will procure 1,300 light combat vehicles for the Army. As the contract is signed yet there is no other update for the defense vehicles. But the induction of the vehicles will be completed in four years.

The Ministry of Defence signed a contract with Mahindra Defence Systems Ltd (MDSL) for the supply of 1,300 Light-Specialist Vehicles at a cost of Rs 1,056 crore on Monday

So in this post, we are going to give you all the information about the defense vehicles made by Mahindra. As per the news, it said that these vehicles will be used for the carriage of medium machine guns. And also to carry out many essentials like grenades, arm machines, anti tanks and guns which will be used as a modern fighting vehicle and it is designed indigenously by Mahindra defense. The vehicle is extremely agile and has heavy and round protection against firearms.

1,300 Light specialist vehicles made by Mahindra defense Ltd.
Mahindra Defense

Mahindra defense: The idea of ‘Make in India’

The vehicle includes small independent operations which will be essential to operate the weapons platform. The government of India said that they will give a major push to the participation of private players in the defense manufacturing system. The prime minister of India had recently said that the government will only use the Indian equipment and it will be designed, developed, and manufactured by players within our country.

This LSV will be the power taker for our defense system and it will create a competitive advantage for the defense system of our country. The ministry claims that this is a flagship project which will showcase the manufacturing capabilities of our defense system. This will be another milestone for our country as India is upgrading by itself and making our defense system as strong as possible. Taking a step towards ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan’ which was initiated by the government of India.


This information has come up with the news and statements recorded by the government of India. Many people out there are waiting for this milestone. We hope this gets launched as soon as possible and turn up our India to be known for the best defense system in the world. So what’s up for today I hope you like this post and if you find this helps make sure you share it.