Lexus To Launch Cars In India – 2013

Lexus, a luxury car brand owned by Toyota motors has been long due to make its official entry to Indian automobile market. For a long time, Toyota has put the decision delayed to wait for a good time. Finally, top management of Toyota has confirmed the news. Yukitoshi Funo, executive vice-president of Toyota Motor Corporation has disclosed the same and he also shared that Lexus will have its dedicated luxury car dealerships in India and will not use Toyota dealerships in India.

Lexus GS-350
Lexus GS-350

The dealerships of Lexus in India will focus on Luxury and high quality customer experience. The dealerships network will be developed gradually based on the needs of the high net worth customers who will be going for the Lexus Luxury cars which will most likely cost a good amount as these will be brought to India via CBU route which makes the cars quite pricey.

As per the sales data of past few years, Indian luxury car market has been flourishing well with a stable growth besides fluctuations in the economy and roaring fuel prices. The segment of the customers who go for luxury cars pay less priority to the fuel prices or running expanse, rather they focus more on the delight which a luxury car has to offer. To start with, Lexus will bring LS sedan, RX SUV  and GS executive sedans in India.

The CKD or local assembling of Lexus in India will not take place at least in the initial years till the sales pick up to justify the investments needed to develop the assembly process here in India. More details will unwrap with time. Stay tuned to us for latest updates, you can like our official Facebook Page and sign up for our free email newsletter.