Lamborghini Fully Electric Super Car might come by 2035

Lamborghini TERZO MILLENNIO Concept | Lamborghini Upcoming Electric Car will launch by 2030

Hello friends, today I’m sharing an interesting news about the Automobili Lamborghini upcoming electric car in details. As we all know, Lamborghini is one of the biggest car manufacturer companies in the world and it is known for it’s best super vehicles and best services. Electric vehicles are going to capture the market in the upcoming years. As the adaptation of EVs is increasing day-by-day, company-by-company and customer-by-customer. Many of us are now taking interest and started using EVs already.

As many companies are working on the best model to give to the market. Every automobile company is here to serve the best in the market. And there will be a lot more competition in this run. So here in this post, we are going to find out the upcoming launch of the fully electric Lamborghini. So if you’re looking forward to knowing more about the fully Electric Lamborghini then make sure you stay tuned till the end.

Lamborghini Upcoming Electric Car in News

As Lamborghini Upcoming Electric Car News came from the company itself, that they are coming up with a fully Electric car by the second half of the decade as it will be on roads somewhere between 2030 to 2035. We know that there are a lot of auto-mobile companies who have taken up the run in the market. As there will be a competitive atmospheric in the upcoming years when people used to adapt the EV concept.

By the second half of the decade, Lamborghini laid out a road map to the future of Lamborghini. Italian supercar maker Lamborghini has not revealed the details but by the next 10 years, the company transits to hybrid models before the launch of EV car.

There will be a complete transformation of the car owned by German Firm Volkswagen. By the Lamborghini company, it States that in the next 10 years you’ll get to see the transition to produce hybrid models before it launches a brand new electric car in the later half of the 2020s.

Lamborghini is working on the new version of its model and by the transformation of almost every company and taking a step towards a radically changing world, will impact through concrete projects.

The CEO of automobile company Lamborghini Stephan Winkelmann said in a statement that our plan is with a 360-degree approach, encompassing our products and our Sant’Agata Bolognese location. This model will take us to a more sustainable future and it will also keep us related to our DNA.

By the end of year 2021 and 2022, the company will focus on the combustion engine vehicles and it will come up with new models which will be announced this year. This part of the launch is considered the first phase of development.

Lamborghini TERZO MILLENNIO Hybrid Concept Car and Lamborghini Upcoming Electric Car
Lamborghini TERZO MILLENNIO Concept Hybrid Super Car

By the second phase, Lamborghini would reflect a hybrid transition which will come up by the end of 2024. And as per the assumptions and news Control by the year 2023. Lamborghini will launch its hybrid series production car and by the year 2024 the range will be fully electrified.

When we talk about its performance and authenticity, Lamborghini serves the best driving experience and the company will focus on the company’s engineers and technicians for a constant update of vehicles and developing new technologies.

The target considered by the company for phase two is to reduce the CO2 emissions by 2025. With more than 1.5 billion Euros the hybrid model will involve unprecedented investment over four years and it is one of the largest investments in Lamborghini history and by this, a period of transformation carried out by Lamborghini will affect the whole automotive industry.

The third phase would see the carmaker launch of fully Electric Lamborghini by the second half of the decade. The second half will be full of electric vehicles and the company said, there will be technological experiments that will be carried out in this phase to ensure the remarkable performance and to set up the position of a new product at the top segment. And when we talk about its rivalry the Lamborghini will compete against the well-known company Ferrari as it is coming up with its first fully Electric car by the year 2025.

As there is a whole era of EVs which is going to shape our future in all circumstances. With the development of EVs, emission-based vehicles will not be in demand and the adaptation of EVs will be carried out regularly.

What about Lamborghini TERZO MILLENNIO?

Lamborghini upcoming electric car is on the list and company is working on it to bring on road for it’s customers by 2030. But this does not means that Lamborghini lover has to wait for next 15 more years to buy a fully electric super car. Well instead customers can buy an existing hybrid electric car Lamborghini TERZO MILLENNIO. Which produces 838 horsepower with it’s 6.5 litre V12 engine and four electric motors.

Terzo Millennio is an italian name which translates to Third Millennium in English. This is the first of it’s kind and world’s first hybrid supercar with four electric motors and 6.5 litre V12 engine. Together all four electric motors produces 625 Kw of power.

This car heals itself if any cracks appear to it’s body works sing nanotubes technology which prevents it spreading and maintain it’s beauty and worth of money. Terzo Millennio has been co-developed with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and it just cost $2.5 million USD.


So here in this post, we’ve given you every single piece of information about the Lamborghini upcoming electric car. The car will be on the ground by the year 2030 and feature fully electric version than it’s existing sibling Terzo Millennio. If you received valuable information from this post then make sure you share it.