KTM RC 125 and RC 200

KTM has launched two new bikes in India – 2022 RC 200 and RC 125

KTM has just unveiled a new line of their sport bikes that have been long-awaited by the fans and customers in India. Following a trail of leaked images and spy shots, KTM has launched the new 2022 RC 125 and RC 200 in India. Brand new second-generation RC series motorcycles combine performance with distinctive lines, all new design, and well thought out components.

Buyers can now book both motorcycles at an authorized KTM outlet near you. Stating that now is the best time to buy, KTM also confirmed the new generation RC 390 will be available for purchase in markets across India in coming weeks!

All About KTM RC 125 and RC 200


The RC125 and RC200 feature a number of design changes that take advantage of materials such as steel and carbon fiber, not only to increase the motorcycle’s performance but to help keep its weight down. The fuel tank is larger, while riders can choose between a sportier split-style stepped-up seat and a comfortable grab rail option. Additionally, both models feature an LED headlight and adjustable handlebar and will be built around wheels with 5 spokes. Lastly, we can see that the bikes will come with an LCD instrument cluster which adds convenience for the road ahead.


KTM has just revealed its all-new Indian offering that comprises two 125cc motorcycles. The 2022 KTM RC 125 features a 124 cc, single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that makes 14.3 hp/12 Nm while the RC 200 uses a 199.5 cc, liquid-cooled motor to make 25.4 hp/19.5 Nm. Both engines will come paired with a 6 speed gearbox in India and both models can reach a maximum speed of 110kmph in addition to yielding great fuel economy figures too! The bike also boasts of EFI technology for optimized fuel economy. 


The RC 125 and RC 200 models have undergone a major upgrade in the braking system. The front and back wheels come with discs that have been designed to have a larger surface area, which offers excellent stopping capabilities. Along with this, both bikes also come equipped with ABS. In addition to this, the suspension duties on both bikes are taken care of by WP’s inverted forks from the front axle from the RC 125 model and from the rear axle from both bike models. Both models have been outfitted with a monoshock at the back end as well!


KTM has worked intensively to make its RC models weigh less while also improving their overall performance and handling capabilities. The aim is to make these bikes genuinely lighter and more lean in order to offer a smoother, faster ride with improved maneuverability! Some of the changes made were: engineers revamped the bike’s chassis and wheels, which resulted in a 1.5 kg weight reduction; they improved the brakes, which shed an additional 1.1 / 960 gm / 1.4 lbs; and they redesigned several components such as the fork/shock absorbers for superior damping (and 1 kg / 2.2 lbs less weight). These modifications have helped them reduce the bikes’ total dry weights down to 151 kg (R 200) and 147 kg (R 125).

According to leaked images as well as spy shots of KTM RC models, it’s been observed that the new range of motorcycles has some modifications made to some parts of their design. Most notable of these changes is the height differential between the clip-on handlebars and the rider’s seat on both bikes.


KTM has revealed the prices of the 125 cc and 200 cc versions of its RC series motorcycles. The KTM RC 125 will be priced at Rs. 1.82 lakh while the KTM RC 200 will be priced at Rs. 2.09 lakh (both prices, ex-showroom). As of now, both motorcycles are available for booking with deliveries expected to commence in the next few weeks.