Kia K8 2022 - Super Premium Sedan

Kia K8 2021 – large and real premium sedan coming to India!

Kia K8 is coming up in the Indian market by 2022. The K8 is a replacement of it’s successor K7 aka Cadenza. Where the new K8 is an excellent high-tech sedan with an impressive luxury Interior, eye catchy design and state-of-the-art technology for safety.

Kia India has already launched their 3 models in India which includes Kia Sonet, Kia Seltos and Kia Carnival. Where since the entry Kia cars outselling others popular cars in India and Kia Carnival launched to rival big daddy’s model like Toyota Innova Crysta and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Mahindra Marazzo.

Recently Kia has re-launched it’s Sonet model in India in 2021 with It’s new brand logo, which will gonna updated to all other models soon. Not just the new logo or new cars coming from Kia. But Kia recently announced first of the kind challenge to it’s customer that if Kia Carnival customer is unhappy with the car then they will return back 90% of the price of the car. This is how Kia is making impact to its customer in India to outrun others.

Well the Kia K8 is a beautifully crafted premium luxury sedan car with all-time luxury looks and a full of technology-driven system. As we’ll talk about it in detail, so if you’re looking forward to knowing more about the upcoming K8 then make sure you stay tuned till the end for interesting tech features and design.

Kia K8 has been launched on 8th April in 2021 in South Korea, where on hybrid variant was announced on 4th May in 2021. This is a real sedan car, long enough for more comfortability with length of 5 meters and width and height is also stretched than other competitive premium sedans. In practically this car might suffer to run on all the roads in India if goes outside from real metro cities.

South Korea will be the open sales model for the Kia K8 and it will the first to be on sale in South Korea later on, then will be on go for worldwide sale worldwide.

Kia K8 is successor of K7 (Cadenza)

Kia is coming up with a new sedan model named K8, which is a successor of the K7 also know as Cadenza in international market. K8 is announced after succeeding in sales of K7 (Cadenza). The Kia K8 will be a transformational model for the Kia company as it’s coming up with a new logo and design language.

Kia has not revealed all the details about the Kia K8 but has displayed some images of the interior and exterior whereas we can say this car will give up a tough competition to other other brand’s sedans. As per the latest news, the powertrain will be of four cylinders V6 engine.

The K8 is longer than the replacement K7 and it continues to offer the front wheel drive (FWD), transverse-engine layout and optional all wheel drive (AWD) option. As with 3.5L and 2.5L engine options, an eight-speed automatic transmission has made standard.

The company has said that many of the K8 designs will be coming up with interesting patterns and angular Tail Lights. As we said, the Kia K8 will be a transformational car for the Kia as it’s coming up with the company’s new logo.

The Kia K8 2022 will be the first car to get a new emblem. The car will be offering a new 12 inch screen as it will serve as a digital gauge cluster and others will play the role of the central infotainment display system.


As the Kia K8 is coming up with a 3.5-liter engine with liquid propane injection and gasoline direct injection. There will be some other variants with different features and powertrains as well. Along with the new logo, the Kia will be offering the best horsepower and it will be offered with 2 other engines as well.

  • Good Looking and Eye Catchy Design
  • State-of-the-art technology to improve safety and convenience
  • Comes with 3 different engines
  • Available in gasoline and L.P.G also
  • 6 magnificent colors
  • Affordable price for it’s segment

So what all the features, safety and security Kia K8 has and what gonna be challenge to others. Should you consider buying it and wait for it’s launch. And how much money it is gonna to steal from our pocket. Let’s find out.

Exterior and Design

As we said that the Kia K8 is a real sedan with the length of 5 meters which is really longer than normal available other sedan cars in the segment. Not just the length of this car is wider than others, but also comes with 1.9 meters of width and 1.5 meters of height. Which is very well designed for the passengers comfortability and accomobility. It will be more comfortable and stretchable and will have no any knee or elbow pain in case of long route drive. In 5 meters of length 3 meters has been given to wheelbase. Which makes interior’s second row seat more spacious from first row seats.

If we talk about the seats then it is highly customizable for reclining and height adjusting. Seats are also equipped with massager and ventilation, that has control for cool and warm air flows. All the four seats including drivers and passengers seats have features for ventilation and heat.

It’s front grille has diamond shape design with tiger nose inspiration and grille is not detachable, instead has made it integrated with front body and bumper. Where it’s successor K7 (Cadenza) had vertical bars in grille design, which looks like Skoda cars inspired. This new grille design makes it look super cool. Turn indicators are also follows the same design and has many separate leds instead just one single light.

If we talk about rear then it also look very different than others and has combined wider tail lights following a narrow diamond style pattern design and if look from left or right profile then tail light looks like boomerang shape. Where so many triangular shaped leds have been fitted with alternate direction like this (🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽). Which is also so eye catchy.

If we’re talking about the exterior then we can not forget about the colour options. So the Kia K8 comes with 6 different magnificent colour that includes Aurora Black Pearl, Deep Forest Green, Gravity Blue, Interstellar Gray and Snow White Pearl. All the colours are so good but I think all the darker colours look more attractive than the brighter one.


In the interior department if we talk about console then firstly we would like to tell you about infotainment system. Where Kia K8 comes with two 12 inch touch screen. One for digital gauge meters and second for entertainment and other settings. It comes with features like to theme selection where you can change the style of gauge.

Steering has equipped with multi-functional keys to control musics system, indicators and other things as well as activating voice assistant.

Even this car has feature like voice assistant where you would have no need to touch any physical buttons or screen touch to change any settings. Just interact with AI powered voice assistant and get your settings applied automatically. Isn’t it a cool feature. Well AI powered voice assistant is being common on all upcoming models. But here we are what getting it for now in cars like Kia K8, Hyundai IONIQ 5, Tesla Models and others.

Kia K8 2021 - large and real premium sedan coming to India!
Kia K8 Infotainment and Cluster


Kia K8 comes with state-of-the-art of new technology that improves the safety and convenience. This car has not just focused on good design rather it is also focused on safety too. Equipped with highway assistance 2 to help change the lanes.

The car has sensors at rear and front both sides to help in parking and prevent the collisions. Like if talk about rear sensors then it help to park the car the best you can and also if reversing the car and sudden any object appears at behind the car then the car applies brake automatically to prevent the collision. Similarly front sensors also keeps detecting the objects in front while running and if car comes too close to any object it applies brakes automatically depending on the speed of the car. Which is really really a big and safe features that every car must should have.

Many drivers in their life takes off the eyeball from road even for a moment and sudden appearing object causes serious injuries and accident, and this feature really take cares of that and acts like second pilot to hold the back.

These are the crucial safety features of the K8:

  • Forward collision avoidance assistance

It warns you when the danger of a forward collision with vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists is detected. Even after warning, it automatically assists in braking when the risk of collision increases. It automatically assists in braking even when there is a risk of collision with oncoming vehicles on the left/right side of the intersection.

  • Rear collision avoidance assistance

When the turn indicator switch is operated to change lanes, a warning is given when the risk of collision with the vehicle in the rear is detected, and if the risk of collision increases even after the warning, the vehicle is automatically controlled to help avoid collision. In parallel parking, it automatically assists in braking when a risk of collision with a vehicle in the rear is detected while moving forward.

  • Safe disembarkation assistance

When the passenger opens the door after stopping, it warns if a rear-facing hazard is detected. It also activates the electronic child lock to help prevent the door from opening.

  • Remote smart parking assist

By controlling the vehicle forward or backward from outside the vehicle, it helps to park and exit remotely.

  • Remote 360 ​​view (video around the vehicle)

This is a function that allows you to remotely check the surroundings of the vehicle and the vehicle condition through the UVO application on the smartphone, even when the driver is far away .

  • Posterior room monitor

When the turn indicator switch is operated, the rear image of the corresponding direction is displayed on the cluster.


In the engine department it comes with 3 different option to choose from. First is 2.5L GDI-I4 which produces 195 bhp power and generates 248 Nm of torque and available with base variants. Second is 3.5L GDI-V6 petrol hybrid engine which produces 296 bhp of power and generates 359 Nm of torque and third is 3.5L T-GDI-I4 Petrol L.P.G engine.

Base variants with GDI-I4 engine comes with only FWD and top variants with GDI-V6 engine will have AWD. If we talk about the fuel efficiency then it gives 12.0 KM/L combined.

K8 comes with 3 different engines for different variants but also it comes with L.P.G engine which might not be offered in India. This is for now only available for South Korea.

In the transmission department this car offers 6-speed and 8-speed automatic drive.

Kia K8 2021 - large and real premium sedan coming to India!
Kia K8 Powertrain


In South Korea this Kia K8 has been launched with price tag ranging from $29,000 to $40,000 USD. Where if we convert it to INR then it cost Rs. 21 Lakhs to Rs. 29 Lakhs. Where if this car gonna launch in India then don’t expect that the car will cost the same conversion price. Definitely it will cost at-least 10 to 20 percent extra. Still it will be best buy and deal in comparison with other premium sedans available in India and the features and technology this Kia K8 is offering.

But there is no any official announcement has been made from Kia or Kia India for K8 launch and it’s price for the Indian market. We will update you if such announcement has been made in near future. So keep tuned.

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