Kia EV6 (2022) - Price, Range, Features & Specs

Kia EV6 (2022) – Price, Range, Features & Specs

Hello, friends so today in this post we are going to give you detailed information about the new model of Kia car manufacturers which is an EV. Kia Ev6 is the name of the new model of Kia. Kia is heating the EV market by launching its new model. With the launches of many EVs the Electric era is heating up and Kia is creating their own space by launching its new Ev Kia 6.

As you know Kia is a Korean manufacturer company. This is not the first Ev from KIA automakers but this Kia 6 will be the first model which relies on the electricity of power. So in this post, we will tell you information about the new look of the Kia 6 EV.

Kia Ev6 2022

Kia is a South Korean company started on 11 December 1944 by Kim Cheol-ho. The Kia is known for its best services and amazing cars. Kia is said to be the second-largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea. After their parent company Hyundai motors. The Kia Ev6 is an upcoming electric compact crossover SUV made on the parent company Hyundai motors and E-GMP platform and it is similar to the Ioniq 5. Kia plans to launch 11 EVs in its lineup by the end of 2026 and as per the news, seven of them will be based on the E-GMP.

Kia Ev6 Features

Kia hasn’t revealed all the features but there are some things that we can get from the new Kia Ev6. The interior features of the car are quite amazing; it offers you an avant-garde design, a clean layout with a textured surface on it, and a physical control screen that seems to control everything in the car. The curved display of the car combines the instrument cluster and an infotainment display system and underneath the screen, there are climate settings that will be controlled via screen.

Kia Ev6 Powertrain

Talking about the powertrain of the Kia Ev6 the Kia offers you a 77.4-kWh-capacity battery pack by the news it is said that the Kia Ev6 will be based on what we know more about the Hyundai ioniq 5 which is built on the same E-GMP architecture. This Ev will make close to 215 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque.

The targeted range of the car is said to be between 258 and 290 miles. We can expect this EV will offer single- and dual-motor options whereas it offers around 300 horses and uses the 73-kWh battery pack both cars Hyundai and Kia ev6 are based on mechanical hardware.

Kia Ev6 Charging

The specifications of the EV are not revealed by the Kia motors bit the reports say that the Kia Ev6 will drive you 300-mile range with 20-minute fast charging. The multi-charging system Is available because of the system version of The Hyundai Ioniq 5. The car is meant to be charged 5 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes and gives you the range of 250 to 280 miles.

Kia Ev6 Interior and exterior

Kia Ev6 is “crossover inspired,” and the design direction of the car is bold and the roofline gives you a sporty look the rear window of the car slopes down.

The wind tunnel is yet to be seen in the car talking about the exterior it gives you a minimalist design with a curved screen spanning dashboard and two-spoke steering wheel the interior fabrics are made using recycled plastics. As per the news, Kia claims that this car will be more Electric driven as in the interior haptic controls are placed in the place of conventional buttons. In the interior of the Ev6, it will not have a center console that slides back and it will not offer you a footrest in the car.

Kia Ev6 Price

The car is supposed to be priced between 33,00,171 to 35,00,000 The launch date of the car is not revealed yet but it is said that it will launch in the year 2022 the Kia will tell more about the car in the later month and we will get to know more about the car.

Kia Ev6 First Look

Kia Ev6


So today in this post we give you information about the Kia Ev6 2022. O hope you like this post and if you find this post informative make sure you share it.

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