Kabira Electric Motorcycles 1st Batch Of 5,000 Units Sold Out In 4 Days

Kabira Electric Motorcycles 1st Batch Of 5,000 Units Sold Out In 4 Days

Hello friends! Today in this post we are going to give you every single detail about the Kabira electric motorcycles. As you know electric vehicles are our future many people have driven towards this technology and properly taken advantage of this vehicle. Electric vehicles created hype and shifted the World towards the future. Many problems arise due to ordinary vehicles today’s generation knows what’s better for ourselves our future.

As the electric cars are bringing up the market the Kabira company has sold out its 5,000 units in just 4 days. if you’re willing to buy this car make sure you read this post.

Kabira Motorcycles

The Kabira Electric Motorcycles and scooters manufacture electric vehicles. The electricity is stored onboard in rechargeable batteries. The electric bikes of Kabira are stepping up to create a dominant position for the electric bike market.

The bookings of the bikes are quite high and they have control over their winning strategy and the manufacturer confirmed that its batch sold out. It will take 4 days to get the confirmations for sold-out.

Kabira KM3000

The KM3000 and 4000 will be one of the best bikes in the Ev market. The KM 3000 offers you 600W motor power and takes 6 hours for full Charging and offers you a range of 120/km charge and serves double disc brakes with tubeless tires. It is powered by a 6kW BLDC motor and claims 100kmph. The acceleration time is 3.3 seconds to reach 0-40kmph and give 4kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The price of the KM3000 is Rs 1.26 lakh.

Kabira km-3000-electric bike
KM 3000

Kabira KM4000

The KM4000 offers you an 8000W motor power and takes 6 hours for a full charge and gives 150/km range per charge with double disc brakes and tubeless tires and it is powered by an 8kW BLDC motor with a claimed top speed of 120kmph. Kabira gives you a 0-40kmph acceleration time of 3.1 seconds and offers a 4.3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which claims 150km in Eco mode. The price of the Kabira KM400 is 1.36 lakh.

KM3000 & KM4000 both bikes are best at their performance & give you an amazing look while riding on the bike. And when we talk about the design the KM3000 is a sportbike and the KM 4000 is said as the street bike both are designed in a premium way which will amplify your look.

Kabira km-4000-electric bike
KM 4000

The overwhelming response to the Kabira motors encourages them to level up and serve the best vehicles. The production plans of the Kabira motors for India are quite high.

The EV market is strengthening in India and results in the adoption of EVs and the current market shows us this trend shows motorcycles being the top of purchase.

There are growing numbers of two-wheeler Electric vehicles and electric scooters they contribute a big number for sales. Some policies have been set for the long-term benefits for individuals. There are various opportunities for EVs to take up the market and serve the people.

More people during this phase of the covid 19 pandemics prefer to ride on vehicles and the performance of the two-wheelers is good enough.


As Electric vehicles are our future the Kabira motors will be one of the best Ev companies. In this article, we given you information about the Kabira motors. I hope you like this post if you received any value from this post make sure you share it.