iPhone to iSUV?- apple suv

iPhone to iSUV? Let’s catch the glimpse as shown by the Auto Designer.

Apple is known for its innovation and technology. Apple is also known to keep the word under wraps for all its upcoming projects. There is always a great deal of secrecy before unveiling a product or a technology. Apple has its wings spread far and wide in the telecom industry with iPhone. But what is the buzz with the iSUV? What is the iPhone to iSUV designing going to be like? Let’s take a sneak peek to see what the Auto Designers show Apple SUV to be like.

iPhone to iSUV? Let’s catch the glimpse as shown by the Auto Designer.
The front view of iSUV (Apple car).

Whether or not the iCar takes flight from the imagination, it has already created quite a buzz and the specs and features are anticipated by many. So, without much ado, let’s see what Jan Peisert of Peisert Design showcased the APPLE SUV to look like in a video that was recently uploaded. With a peak into the features, it could boast of its folks at Cupertino in California, if they decide to hit the drawing board of cars. Along with the looks, the features are something you need to hold on to your breathe for.

Peisert has named this SUV baby Apple One, suggesting it as the apt name for it to sit on top of the line SUV in Apple’s vehicular product portfolio in the future. And behold, if you are looking for a more performance-oriented EV, there would be an Apple One Sport too.

Apple One could get a Mac Pro-inspired front grille, illuminated Apple Emblem, gleaming DRLs, laser headlight with projector, side turn signal integrated into chrome trim, five plus one seating arrangement, solar panoramic sunroof, automatic gesture-controlled butterfly doors & two-piece trunk. It may also have wiper less windshield along with a retractable wooden stepping board, a diffuser, and 22-inch magnesium chrome wheels, which would be 24-inch-high performance wheels on the Sport version.

iPhone to iSUV? Let’s catch the glimpse as shown by the Auto Designer.
The rear view of iSUV (Apple car).

Among a few other features, it could also have quietly opening and closing automatic doors, with no steering wheel or pedals in the interior. For entertainment purposes, virtual or augmented reality could be integrated into interior displays. They have visualized to give the car spherical wheels that allow it to drive in a sideways position.

Around 2009 the patent filed by Apple shows a design with in-car camera technology, which is speculated to be used to detect hand gestures that could control car functions, such as the locking system or headlights. Another interesting patent was filed in 2011 that would allow you to unlock your car and start your engine from an iDevice. The early 2012 patent focuses on the vehicle’s configuration on saving your preferences like seat positioning or desired temperature settings.

There’s another patent that describes using iPhone’s geolocation capabilities to track and control specific car functions using geofences. The most recent patent was filed in 2017 describing a system for car-to-car communication that uses Bluetooth sensors and a GPS system to indicate cars in your blind spot or emergency vehicles nearby. Yet another patent is called lighting systems of vehicle seats which illuminate the door and the seats. But as with all patents, it isn’t necessary that Apple would include the tech when it releases its own car.

iPhone to iSUV (Jan Peisert)

It is clear that it would enter as a competitor to Tesla if it makes its way into the EV industry and the price to be expected could also be in the similar range of the latest Tesla model. The one thing we can be sure of is that being an Apple car, it would definitely be a state of art product. Keep the anticipation high!