Hyundai Tiger X1: ROLL, RUN, FLY | Ultimate Mobility Vehicle

Hyundai Tiger X1 UMV: ROLL, RUN, FLY | Ultimate Mobility Vehicle

Hyundai Motor Group has developed a futuristic car that can roll, run and fly. Known as “Tiger X1” which is an UMV (Ultimate Mobility Vehicle) and capable of doing so many stunning things that normal vehicles never do.

The Vice President of New Horizons Studio Dr. John Suh said, “We aim to create the world’s first transformer-class vehicle, also known as the UMV (Ultimate Mobility Vehicle).” This means a car that can pretty much combat any terrain with a set of extendable legs that are attached to the wheels. As much as this sounds like Transformers in real life, the UMV does serve many serious purposes.

The vision of combining Lego robotics and wheels to develop the UMV is a joint development by Hyundai’s New Horizon Studio, Autodesk, and Sundberg Ferar. The off-roader concept explores the possibility of carrying various payloads while venturing challenging terrains.

Hyundai Tiger X1 on Space
Hyundai Tiger X1

This concept TIGER (Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot). Hyundai Tiger X1 UMV can transform from 4-wheel drive to 4-legged walking easily. Its purpose is to travel without an onboard crew. Tiger X1 has an asymmetric design that enables it to travel backward, forward, left, and right equally.

Tiger’s body is modular, lightweight, strong, with an innovative carbon-fiber composite. Such a design provides ease of performing different tasks like delivering or retrieving payload in different settings. It can maneuver from an urban setting for goods delivery or transporting critical supplies to remote locations or carry sensors, instruments, and other supplies to work as a mobile science platform.

Hyundai Tiger X1 UMV keeps the payload leveled by extending each of its 4 legs to varying lengths regardless of its angle. When the terrain isn’t complex, it transforms into its most efficient mode. The legs retracted to operate as a conventional 4-wheel drive vehicle. It can also connect to an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV to reach inaccessible terrains.

Hyundai Tiger X1 on flate surface
Hyundai Tiger X1

The fully electric power train gets charge en route. It also works vice-versa to charge the UAV if the situation demands. These capabilities make it ideal for 360-degree surface evaluation in areas struck by natural disaster or uneven exploring the surface of the moon or any other planet.

Even though Hyundai is super excited about its latest UMV, it doesn’t mean it gave up on Elevate. Elevate is Hyundai’s first-ever UMV concept from the 2019 Consumer Electronic Show. The major difference between the two UMV’s from Hyundai is that Elevate has room for a driver and passengers, while the TIGER don’t have these kinds of facility.

Hyundai Tiger X1 flying
Hyundai Tiger X1

In the future, vehicles with robotics legs will see many applications across varied environments. The development of UMV (Ultimate Mobility Vehicle) is going to have an impact on mobility-focused, purpose-built vehicles. It will redefine vehicular mobility.

New Horizons Studio is broadening conventional thinking around vehicular mobility. They are rethinking vehicular design building and giving an opportunity to push imaginations in new directions, taking on challenges and working to create a better future for all.

In near future Hyundai will start selling this stunning and crazy vehicle, which is really awesome to have one and explore the terrain where other vehicles have never gone before.

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