Hyundai CRETA

The waiting period for Hyundai Creta is likely to increase by 5-6 months

India obviously loves SUVs. Why do you think there are so many of them on the road these days? The Hyundai Creta SUV certainly kickstarter this craze for SUVs in India to a whole new level. Hyundai’s Creta model was a tremendous success and it’s secret to its popularity is that this SUV allows people to travel comfortably and with style, while also staying grounded and enjoying their time on the road.

Over the years, Hyundai has been a well-known brand in our country. After debuting their version of a SUV called the Creta, they have witnessed much success and recognition from all over the country as everybody wanted to own one this model as it featured everything that made an SUV competitive.

An important question may arise then, is there any other challenger that can compete with this brand? Indeed there would be as many other competitors now want to take over the Hyundai Creta’s crown after records of it being the best-selling SUV we’ve ever seen here.

When Hyundai launched their Creta, it had everything to become a success – one that would overcome any competitor in its market. More manufacturers are willing to join this new SUV segment which makes it all the more competitive. However, the Hyundai Creta retained its dominance by setting itself apart from everyone else with certain features you cannot find on other SUVs.

Customers who were expecting to purchase the Hyundai Getz SX (O) should be aware that due to an ongoing chip shortage, customers should expect their wait time to increase by five to six months. The reason for this delay is said to be due in large part to demand for the model which should not come as a surprise given its popularity.

The car’s sales figures are quite impressive with the SX and SX-O trims boasting that 60% of sales are diesel variants. Given this string of unfortunate events, it is likely that sales may take a hit however let us hope not!

All About Hyundai Creta:


The Hyundai Creta is an affordable, seven seater SUV that comes with a host of features including ventilated seating, power steering wheel, parking sensors, intelligent cruise control and keyless entry kit. With its 10.24-inch touchscreen infotainment system, the car not only supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay but even has enough space up front for three full sized adults.

Hyundai CRETA features a muscular hood, a chrome-finished grille, and triangular LED headlights with DRLs. The headlights flank the vehicle and blacked-out B-pillars laterally and indicators on ORVMs accentuate its sleek profile even more. Its wide air vents showcase Hyundai’s rich heritage of good performance and powerful above-average engines. 

Even the designer 17” alloy wheels hint at radical racing times put to shame by this beauty. It is 4,300mm long and has a distinctively flared wheel arch which is set between the body lines of the car giving it a sporty look as if it were ready for race requirements – now wouldn’t that be satisfying?!


Hyundai CRETA comes in a variety of different models and we’ll start off by telling you about the engines. First, it has a 1.5-liter engine. Next, we have another 1.5-liter engine. In addition to that, there’s also a 1.4-liter turbocharged petroleum engine that generates even more power than the first! Finally, Hyundai CRETA has a 1.5-liter diesel motor that delivers power at lesser RPMs but produces greater torque! Whichever form of Hyundai CRETA you prefer best, one thing remains consistent: You’ll get to enjoy great fuel efficiency and powerful performance across the board .


In India, the Hyundai CRETA starts at Rs. 10.16 lakh for the Economy (petrol) model and goes up to Rs. 17.87 lakh for the Top-end (petrol) variant while there are Diesel variants of the Creta available, with prices starting at Rs. 9.82 lakh for base-end E (Diesel) model and going up to Rs. 15.78 lakh rpms for range-topping SX Opt Turbo (Diesel) (all prices ex-showroom, New Delhi).