Future of Electric Cars

Future of Electric Cars in India

India having a population of more than 133 crore, cars of more than 17 crore, petrol pumps of more than 61,000 and 3rd largest importer of crude oil which is about 68 crore liter per day has moved towards Electric cars. 

Day by day, the price of petrol and diesel is increasing rapidly. If this scenario continues then it’ll be very difficult for common man to run their cars. Also, It has been discussed to shut the use of Petrol and diesel cars by 2030

In this blog post let see what would be the present and future of Electric cars in India and what is the technology used in such cars ? let’s have a look!

Future of Electric Cars in India
Tesla Electric Car

Initially, let see why the need of implementing Electric cars occurred due to which the government is taking steps forward. 

So the first reason is pollution. Smoke coming from cars containing Nitrogen oxide, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, etc is very dangerous and increases air pollution

The World Health Organisation(WHO) published a survey mentioning various cities of India in World’s Top 10 polluted cities. Smoke from cars can prove out to be a big problem in future as people have increased fuel consumption. 

Second reason is we are dependent on other countries for Crude oil. We produce only 20 to 25% of the crude oil of our consumption and for 75 to 80 % of our consumption we are dependent on other countries which include Iraq, Saudi Arab, Iran etc.

We spend around 6 lakh crore rupees on import of crude oil per year which hugely affects Indian Economy. 

By Introducing Electric cars there will be less expenditure on diesel and petrol and can have Economic growth and development

After the innovation in the technology of Lithium – ion battery by ISRO, our  Transport minister concluded to shift India towards Green Fuel after Reform technology. 

You will be amazed to know that in electric cars , batteries and motors are the major components to which a battery needs to be charged timely.

In comparison to Petrol and diesel cars, Electric cars have pickup of 3 to 4 times and 5 to 6 times respectively.  Maintenance cost in electric cars is very low, almost zero. Its running cost per km will be less than 1 rupee. 

It’s under research to make Electric cars more efficient which can give mileage of 1,000 km by just charging it for 2 minutes in future. 

Future of Electric Cars in India
An Electric Car – Charging on Station

To implement Electric cars ,a huge implementation of charging stations is needed, a long lasting battery needs to be worked upon, which can charge up in minutes and can run up to hundreds of kilometers, the induction motor needs to be innovated. 

In future we might need to collaborate with companies such as Tesla, JAC to bring up

such technologies in India, for charging such cars we need to find alternate sources of electricity as well to increase the production of electricity. 

Concept of hybrid cars should be brought up which is based on the concept of 100 percent Bio-CNG,100 percent Methanol,100 percent Bio-ethanol and 100 percent electric car. 

Petrol cars are at their peak of innovation whereas it’s the beginning phase for electric cars and needs innovation and research for best performance. 

The mobile phone technology we are using nowadays, people of the 90’s felt it’s impossible to get implemented in India as how the telecom towers will cover such a big country and remote places? From where one can purchase phones easily, where would they manufacture such phones, who will provide such services. 

But now as we all can see India is among the world’s largest mobile market

and today mobile phones. has secured its place in each and every house of the county. We might have forgotten those days where we had to stand in long queues to talk on the phone to our dear ones. 

Electric car is not a dream, it’s a reality beyond the dream for which the system needs to work like a mission to be implemented with change in the infrastructure as well. 

Introducing and implementing Electric cars in India will prove out to be a Milestone achieved.