Futuristic flying car completes first ever journey

The futuristic flying car completes first ever journey

For many decades flying cars were a fantasy. A car that can fly in the sky and can run on roads. For years, we have been constantly talking about such cars. Interesting, but it seems technically challenging. In the past couple of years, many companies have tried and presented the prototype to the world. 

A video was posted on YouTube by inventor Stefan Klein of an airport in Slovakia, Nitra. The video shows a car with wings opening outside. Klein is shown sitting in the car and putting on the headphones, closing the roof of the car and transforming it into a cabin.

futuristic flying car
futuristic flying car

After turning into an AirCar, the car rises above the ground. A propeller installed on a boot acting like a turbine helps the aircar reach a height of 8,200 feet. Reports say that on 28 June, the car was on a 35-minute flight from Nitra to Bratislava. The speed was 170 kmph, 20 km less than its highest speed.

When it comes to the functionality of this car, it has a BMW 140-hp engine which gives a 140 hp output. It has a ballistic parachute and a fixed propeller. This car can fly to an altitude of 8,200 metres up to 1000 kilometres. The company says that flying from one city to another by AirCar takes only 15 seconds. Also, the car only takes 3 minutes to get ready for takeoff. 

Flying Car
Flying Car

A pre-production Aircar Prototype 2, powered by a 300HP motor is certified with EASA CS-23 aircraft and a road licence. The cruise speed of Prototype 2 is expected to be 300 kph (162kt) and 1000 km (621mi).

After 20 years of hard work by Klein, this prototype of AirCar was developed. More than 140 test flights have been completed by this AirCar. This car can be converted by pressing a button to an aircraft. The wings and tail are removed by the car while changing its aerodynamics. It takes only 135 seconds.

AirCar is going to create a new era of dual transport vehicles, Professor Stephen Klein said. He also added that it’ll open up a new category of transport. 

The flying car completes first ever inter-city flight

In 2019, Consultant company Morgan Stanley stated that by 2040 the flying cars sector will be $1,5 trillion. The Chief Executive of Hyundai Motors, Europe also described it as a significant part of the future.

There will be many more such AirCars in the future because of growing traffic jams on roads. Flying cars help in this situation to reduce traffic and also benefit people from travelling in less time.