First ever Ferrari EV to launch in 2025

First ever Ferrari EV to launch in 2025

Ferrari EV to arrive in 2025, makes the most sought after news. Electric Mobility is the current trend and the world is embracing this new technology for the many positives of it. With all the companies making the dive into the electric vehicle market, Ferrari doesn’t want to be left behind in the dust. Ferrari is all geared up to release a full first Ferrari EV in 2025. During its annual general meeting, the company confirmed its intention to launch the all-electric vehicle.

First ever Ferrari EV to launch in 2025
First ever Ferrari EV

CEO John Elkann of Ferrari promised that their first EV would be designed to bring in the uniqueness and passion of the brand to the new generations. He added that being a Ferrari, this EV would have high levels of quality performance with a quad-motor setup, one for each wheel. He shared that the car would be a landmark in our history with everything one dreams the engineers and designers at Maranello imagine creating. However, Elkann did not provide more specifics about the Ferrari EV.

With the introduction of hybrid supercars – LaFerrari and SF90 Stradale and Spider, the company isn’t new to the electrification strategy. As a company, they understand the changing trends and are ready to meet the customer demands, and accept that the future of mobility is heading in the direction of electric vehicles.

During the AGM, Ferrari also announced 3 new models to be revealed over the next few months. They even dropped a reminder that it will race in Le Mans in 2023, with a new hypercar.

Elkann further suggested that Ferrari is making progress in searching for a new CEO to replace Louis Camilleri. Camilleri retired late last year for personal reasons. He also lightly put across that the new CEO would share a brief on the long-term vision for Ferrari at the company’s Capital Markets Day investors event which is scheduled in 2022.

The CEO also stated that 2022 will be a year of important new product launches and particularly Ferrari’s first SUV- the Purosangue, which is turning out to be something truly special. Wishful that the plan holds up even after the company confirms a new CEO. Over the past decade, executives have been marked stating that Ferrari will never build an EV and that an electric Ferrari will not arrive until after 2025.

Enrico Galliera, head of Ferrari commercial was noted saying that if Ferrari brings in new technology, then they would need to bring something new to the market. That’s how Ferrari has always worked with respect to the new technology. He further added by saying that the evolution of the new technology is 100% in the DNA of Ferrari.

The previous year had a low of around 10% in the sale of Ferrari, as compared to the 9,119 cars sold in 2020. Ferrari also explained in a sustainability report the way in which they will account for hybrid and electric powertrains. The first application of a rear-mid-engine architecture, the SF90 Stradale can account for the weight and positioning of an electric motor and the battery. Alongside, it is also working on the designs for front mid-engine cars that have a high range between comfort and sportiness. Its current mid-engine flagship is a preview of what can be expected in the years to come.

Ferrari also mentioned that it has no plans in building a self-driving car, although it may consider adopting certain features of autonomous driving technology in response to regulatory developments and customer preferences, especially in the GT segment.

With the busy few years coming up ahead of Ferrari with many projects in the pipeline like 12 GTO and their SUV and the Ferrari EV coming up, Ferrari sure is indicating that they aren’t slowing down.

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