Fastest Electric Car Tesla Model S Plaid Launched - 0 to 100 km in 2 secs

Fastest Electric Car Tesla Model S Plaid Launched – 0 to 100 km in 2 secs

Tesla Inc and Elon Musk launched the new Tesla Model S Plaid on 11th June 2021 at a launch event in Fremont, California. The new Model S Plaid is the fastest electric car ever made to date with breaking the 2 seconds barrier in speed reaching 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h).

The speed is insane. Acceleration reaches 0 to 97 km in just 1.99 seconds. This will definitely start goose bumps to all the passengers inside. Tesla Model S Plaid is the only car who reached this acceleration record. No production car has ever reached this acceleration barrier ever. Not even the most expensive ones.

The launch event happened at Fremont in California near Tesla’s factory. In the event Elon Musk came on the stage by driving the new Tesla Model S, the black one and announced the all new features and the delivery of the cars to the customers who already had booked before.

This Tesla Model S Plaid is not just unique because of the torque, pickup or acceleration. This also has many other features which are by far good and better than others. Like top speed, single charge range, quick charge, beautiful interior, autopilot, 5 star safety ratings, and many more. We are going to talk about all of this in this post. So, let’s stay with us till the end to know all about this Sexy model.

Performance of the Fastest Electric Car

Tesla cars are mostly known for their best performance. It is like Apple in the auto-mobile industry.

The new Tesla Model S is quite impressive in almost everything but widely getting popularity because of its first in class and first ever production car features.

It is insanely fast, not just the fast fast, it is super fast. It can leave behind the most popular cars on this planet with the top speed of 200 mph (322 km/h). And if we talk about the acceleration then it has broken the barrier of physics. In just 1.99 seconds it reaches 60 miles (97 kilometres) of speed. At this speed the heart can melt.

With the 1080 HP of peak power it can dust off many cars. If we tow Tesla Model S Plaid and Hyundai Creta together then almost 7 Creta would be needed to hold the Plaid.

Tesla Model S Plaid Frame and Chassis with Tri-Motors, Battery Pack and Wheels
Tesla Model S Plaid Frame and Chassis with Tri-Motors, Battery Pack and Wheels

Range and Charging

On a full charge Model S can go up to 405 miles (652 kilometres). That is by far the highest range ever available in the electric car. Cross city-by-city without having a fear of discharge. Not only is the full charge great, but fast charging is even by far the best and fastest ever. It gets charged up to 200 miles (322 kilometres) of running range in just 15 minutes. It means if you stop by any coffee shop for 15 minutes then your car will be charged almost 50%.


Tesla Model S comes with 5 star safety ratings in all crash tests. It means it is not just a fancy and sexy car with so much power to tear the road, but this is well designed for the safety to save the lives of it’s passengers and lords.

Why wouldn’t it be? This is not just a matter of the price of the vehicle, but it is a matter of life and death. So, do Tesla Model S fulfil the best safety in all crash tests like front and side impact protection test, rollover test, adult safety test, child safety test and many other safety features which improves driving experience and minimizes the accident risk. It also comes with Automatic Emergency Braking system as standard in all variants.

This car has a new high-strength architecture and floor mounted battery pack which increases the protection of the car and it’s passengers. Not just this, also the new design minimizes the car rollover risk.

Model S have been designed carefully to look beautiful without compromising the safety. Apart from all this, Model S also equipped with many other safety features, like:

1. 360° Camera View

360° camera view adds more visibility outside of the car to look what’s around and close to the car. It removes the blind spot for the driver. All 3 cameras of the Model S help in maximum visibility for rear, side and forward vision.

2. Visual Processing

With the help of the AI and the ML, the software of the Tesla Model S has a powerful feature which continually processes the camera’s view to detect objects. It processes up to 250 meters of the view easily and clearly, that’s really very impressive.

3. Sensors

Not 4 or 8, this Model S has 12 ultrasonic sensors to improve safety and help drivers in driving and easy parking. It detects nearby cars while on run, keeps monitoring and sensing to prevent potential collisions with other vehicles and finds the best suitable parking area to park the car.

3. Navigate on Autopilot

Navigate on Autopilot assistance helps in changing the lane and come back to road from off-ramp actively and safely without collisions to other objects.

4. Auto Lane Change

Auto Lane Change changes the lane automatically if it finds any objects coming in front while on run faster than others.

5. Auto Park

No more headache, to find the parking space and park the car without hurting it or others. Just a push of a button this car automatically finds the best parking space and parks itself so nicely.

6. Summon

While it is parked in a parking lot or standing inside the garage, it will walk and come to you by just pressing a button on the remote key. So interesting, it feels like you call your car and it comes running to you like a pet dog.

Interior and Exterior

In fact, we don’t have words to describe this beauty and it’s design. Everything is precisely built and crafted like diamond. Whole body is like made from a single piece of sheet. No funky junky flaps and any other shit. From front to rear it continues as one beauty.

Tesla offers this car in five different colour options to choose one from. These are Pearl White Multi Coat, Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic and Red Multi-Coat. Only the Pearl White colour is included with the default price, choosing any other four colours costs more and it goes up to $2,500 addition to the car price.

On the interior side, it feels the same single piece of art like the exterior by removing too many control knobs and buttons. Alternatively we can say that, a car without a dashboard. Yes, no aeroplane like cockpit, to control this and that. Just a single massive 17″ Cinematic Touchscreen Display for everything. Even this screen can be used to play heavy games.

Similarly, like exterior colour Tesla also offers an option to change the inside look of the car by choosing any one colour from All Black, Black and White, or Cream. All Black colour is the default interior theme and comes default in the price. Going with Black and White colour or Cream option adds $2,000 extra to the car price.

Tesla Model S - Interior View - Black and White
Tesla Model S – Interior View – Black and White

1. Massive Infotainment System

The massive 17″ Cinematic Touchscreen has everything including to control the car settings, infotainment system and play the big games too. Elon Musk said you can even play the Cyberpunk game without any lag, as it is as powerful as Sony PlayStation 5 with up to 10 teraflops of processing power. This screen has a total 2200×1300 pixels of resolution with ultra bright, true colours and exceptional responsiveness specs. In reality it is bigger than the MacBook Pro.

Another touch screen has been also provided in the centre for the second row passengers, by using that passengers can play games and control the AC, climate zone and music.

2. Redesigned Driving Experience

New Tesla Model S changed the game of driving by completely changing the traditional and old fashion steering wheel. The new steering is to be known as Yoke steering. It is now designed like a game controller like one that comes with Sony PlayStation. Few soft buttons on steering wheels provide facility to control the other settings like turn indicators, wipers, headlights, horn, voice assistance and autopilot. Not just the steering wheel, the screen behind the steering wheel (Instrument Panel) is also quite nice and impressive, which shows tons of driving related information.

3. Entertainment system and other features

Fitted total 22 premium audio speakers that outputs 960 watt of sound with active noise cancelling. Which makes the car like a movie theatre to enjoy any type of movie and music right inside the car. If playing the game then it would be the most lovable place to stay for game lovers. So instead of Sony PlayStation you can buy a Tesla Model S if money isn’t a big deal for you.

Talking about other features in comfortability includes Heated seats for every passenger, heated steering and heated wind-shield, Ventilated front seating, Tri-zone Airwave cabin conditioning, HEPA air filtration system, Custom driver profiles with automatic easy-entry and exit, Ambient lighting, Tinted glass roof, Ultraviolet and infrared protection on all glass.

Tesla Model S Plaid

Model S offers two different variants the standard one is Long Range and powerhouse called Plaid. There was one more variant above the Plaid know as Plaid+ but for some reason Tesla stopped taking the booking of Plaid+ by saying Plaid is enough and has great performance so no need of Plaid+. There was some rumours about Plaid+, experts were saying that Plaid+ will come with even faster acceleration than Plaid which will brake the barrier of below the 2 seconds mark.

More about Tesla’s S3xy Models

Tesla currently has a total 4 sedan car models, but model 3 is the most selling product of Tesla. The naming of all the four models just has 1 character in the name after “model” word. If you bring all four characters together then it becomes Sexy, like so “S3XY”. Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y. Yes, Elon Musk sells four sexy models.

Watch the Launch Event

Tesla Model S and Plaid Launch Event in Fremont California