Availability of charging stations for EVs in India - City wise list

Availability of charging stations for EVs in India – City wise list

Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are doing well. So today in this post we will get information about the availability of charging stations for EVs in India. We will try to give you every single detail about the charging stations.

As we know there are a bulk of electric cars that are going to enlarge the Indian automobile market and provide people with the best electric cars. Recently, we got the news that Tesla is coming with their best electric cars in India. We can say that the future of India will be technology-driven.

Electric cars are beneficial for us as compared to ICE cars. Electric cars are better for the climate, And when we talk about manufacturing electric vehicles it can produce more global warming emissions than our average vehicles. The EVs are our future to save nature and also to give the best experience to a human being.

So for these cars, we need large amounts of charging stations. Let’s take a look at the cities with the availability of charging stations for EVs in India.

Charging stations in India

As per the information there will be double production of electric cars because of the demand in the market as marking up with it there should be availability of charging stations in the cities.

The Government of India has approved the setting up of 2,636 electrical charging stations across 62 cities in 24 states and union territories of India. The step is taken to encourage the manufacturers to launch new electric cars.

It’s so beneficial for India to install these charging stations. It is said that at least one charging station will be available in the area of 4km×4km, which will boost the confidence of people who are using electric vehicles, and also this will encourage the OEMs to launch new electric car models.

There is no proper information about the charging stations in each city along with these In this aspect of earlier adoption the Manufacturing of electric vehicles in (FAME INDIA), charging stations as per city :

  • For Maharashtra 317 charging stations have been allotted.
  • 266 in Andhra Pradesh
  • 256 in Tamil Nadu
  • 228 in Gujarat 
  • 205 for Rajasthan
  • 207 stations in Uttar Pradesh
  • 172 in Karnataka
  • 159 in Madhya Pradesh
  • 141 in West Bengal

The setup for Ev charging stations has a long growth in Delhi as per the news Delhi will have 72 Ev charging stations 

  • 70 in Chandigarh
  • 50 in Haryana
  • 40 in Meghalaya
  • 37 in Bihar 
  • 29 in Sikkim
  • 20 in Assam
  • 18 in Odisha
  • 10 in Uttarakhand
  • 10 in Himachal Pradesh
  • 25 each in Jammu and Kashmir
  • 10 in Pondicherry

The heavy industry department invited the (EOI) Expression of interest from the entities which are concerned in arranging up the EV charging stations in many cities, states/UT capitals. The entities which are selected could avail the incentives for formulating EV charging infrastructure.

The penalty letters to the assigned entities will be published in phases after assuring the availability of the land for the charging stations of EV signing of necessary agreements with concerned partner organizations like municipal corporations and discoms and also the oil companies.

The selected entities should initiate the procurement system promptly for the development of the permitted charging stations, the ministry of heavy industries had said this in a statement.

So far, around 106 programs from the local people and private entities have been accepted for constructing up to 7,000 EV charging stations for electric vehicles.

As by this, the government permitted up to 2,636 charging stations in 62 cities in India. Away with these, there will be 1,633 fast-charging stations and 1,003 slow charging stations for the vehicles. The government of India is planning to install around 14,000 charging stations across the assigned cities.


As we see our future is all about technology-driven and electric cars are an innovative part of it. I hope you receive immense value from this post. If you find this helpful, make sure you share this post and if you have any questions related to these posts let us know in the comment section. Thank you

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