Go Electric Campaign - Electric vehicle usage should be made mandatory for all govt officials, says Gadkari.

Electric vehicle usage should be made mandatory for all govt officials, says Gadkari.

“Go Electric Campaign” was launched on Friday in India. Many ministers and government officials made their speeches and statements. This is a very positive and revolutionary step for India’s future.

Hon. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of transport made some good statements in regards to the campaign agenda. He told, “Electric vehicles should be made mandatory for all govt. officials”. With his perspective of “Go Electric”, he urged Power Minister RK Singh to make electric cars mandatory in his department.

Mr. Gadkari said he will follow the same for his department.Gadkari said that the use of cooking gas should not be promoted. Government should give subsidy for purchase of electric cooking appliances to promote the campaign.

This proposal came in the view that electric cooking is clean. Electric cooking would reduce import dependence of gas in the coming years. This initiative would be an important step towards green, clean future, added Mr. Gadkari.

An estimated, we can save Rs. 30 crore by the use of 10,000 electric cars in Delhi alone highlighted Mr.Gadkari. It was a clear visionary statement. He further added that the move of switching to EVs will have a huge financial impact. He drew the attention on the fact that electric fuel is a major alternative for fossil fuels.

The import bill of fossil fuels alone stands at Rs. 8Lakh crores. Noting that electric fuels in comparison to conventional fuels has low cost, reduceess emissions and is also indigenous.

He also suggested that the minister of Power should promote generating green power from agricultural waste and biomass. This would in turn be beneficial to the country’s farmers.

RK Singh also announced that a fuel cell bus service will be launched soon. This service would run from Delhi to Agra and Delhi to Jaipur soon. It would be totally premium and well advertised and promoted.

It should be noted that the import of gas is not the path to Atmanirbhar Bharat, and so India needs to reduce its import on gas. The Go Electric Campaign is to spread awareness on the benefits of e-charging infrastructure and e-mobility in India.

Going Electric is surely a beneficial move. The points mentioned by the minister are fair and doable. India should surely focus on the campaign and see a cleaner, greener, brighter future both economically and environmentally.

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