Car price cut and increase by the end of the year and in new year 2012 with exchange offer

We are ready to welcome new year 2012 and many car companies has planned to get big discounts on some models and some companies has decided to price hike on some car models. In this list bigger discount by Tata on newely launched MUV Aria. Tata has been announced to give discount by Rs. 2,00,000. Maruti Suzuki and Tata is giving discount while Chevrolet, Toyota and Hyundai India has decided to increase car prices in 2012. Chevrolet and Hyundai India increasing prices upto 2% while Toyota upto 3%. So, If you have decided to buy a new car in 2012 then you can save lots of money by buying Maruti Suzuki and Tata car models. Tata also offers cash discounts of Rs. 34,000 on Manza Diesel and Rs. 32,000 on petrol variant.

Cash Discounts by Tata on

  1. Aria Aria upto Rs. 2 Lacs
  2. Manza Diesel Rs. 34,000
  3. Manza Petrol Rs. 32,000

Cash Discounts by Maruti Suzuki

  1. Alto FD8 Petrol Rs. 24,000
  2. Alto FD8 Xplore Special Edition Rs. 24,000 and a gift cheque worth Rs. 4,000
  3. Alto FD8 Lxi CNG 20,000
  4. Alto K10 Lxi and Vxi Rs. 22,000
  5. Alto K10 Xplore Special Edition Rs. 21,000 and a gift cheque worth Rs. 4,000
  6. WagonR Lx and Lxi Petrol Rs. 25,000
  7. WagonR Petrol Vxi Rs. 22,000
  8. WagonR Duo LPG and CNG Rs. 22,000
  9. WagonR Special Edition MGA Rs. 32,000 when Rs. 2,000 paid by customer
  10. Zen Estilo Petrol Rs. 35,000
  11. Zen Estilo CNG Rs. 28,000
  12. Zen Estilo Edge Petrol Special Edition 35,000 and gift cheque worth Rs. 5,000
  13. Zen Estilo Edge CNG MGA Rs. 35,000 when Rs. 2,000 to be paid by customer
  14. A-Star Rs. 30,000
  15. A-Star Zzap Special Edition Rs. 35,000
  16. Ritz Petrol all variants Rs. 22,000
  17. Ritz Dazzle Special Edition Petrol variant Rs. 24,000
  18. Ritz Dazzle Spedial Edition Diesel variant Rs. 24,000 when Rs. 2,000 to be paid by customer
  19. SX4 Petrol comes with gift cheque worth Rs. 25,000
  20. SX4 CNG Rs. 20,000
  21. Omni Rs. 7,500
  22. EECO Rs. 10,000

Exchange offer by Maruti Suzuki on selected car models only as below:

  1. SX4 (Petrol, CNG and Diesel) variants Rs. 22,000
  2. New Zen Estilo (Petrol and CNG) variants Rs. 18,000
  3. A-Star Rs. 17,000
  4. Ritz Petrol Rs. 17,000
  5. WagonR (Petrol, Duo and CNG) Rs. 20,000
  6. Alto (Petrol and CNG) and Alto K10 Rs. 10,000

NOTE: These discounts can be vary by some dealers and may be some change made by Companies without any prior notice. Stunning Autos doesn’t guarantee on discounts mentioned above.