Buell Motorcycles is back in business - to launch 10 new bikes by 2024

Buell Motorcycles is back in business – to launch 10 new bikes by 2024

Hello friends! Today in this post we are going to give you information about the comeback of the Buell Motorcycles. As you know Buell was one of the best companies. The Buell company was started in 2009 by Erik Buell. Buell motor is an American manufacturer company which is based in Grand Rapids and it was founded in 1983 by the engineer of the Harley Davidson Erik Buell.

Buell history

Harley Davidson acquired 49% of the Buell company and the Buell company is a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson by 2003. Buell had produced 100,000 motorcycles and shipped them in On November 17, 2006.

Buell is going to announce the superbikes on platforms that are developed from 2011 to 2020 to build out their model line and to catch the market with approximately 10 models in 2024. The models will include variations for touring, dirt, adventure, and cruisers.

Buell Motorcycles Super Touring
Super Touring

Buell Motorcycles makes a comeback and will launch 10 new bikes by 2024. The upcoming bikes are gonna hit the market. We can say the future of motorcycles will be driven by the Buell company. As per the news, Buell motor company will include bikes in various categories. And it will announce that the new lineup of the bikes was expanded to several small displacement bikes.

The Buell company is trying to work on various projects to enroll the market and it is planning to expand the entire range of the bikes and to introduce the bikes on new platforms. Along with this, the Buell company is exploring opportunities to boost up the market and to get the high-performance electric model and taking forward to the company. It is also focusing to collaborate with many other automobile companies.

As per the news the Bill Melvin has said Buell will be back in 2024. Many people are excited to dive into it and curious to view the model of the new Buell bikes with an awesome assortment of superbikes and motorcycles the Buell company will be back on the track again with its best models.

The nation of the Buell can grow and thrive again the EBR has acquired the Buell brand name and controls the trademarks of the company which Is consistently moving forward with its plans for the growth of the company under the leadership of CEO Bill Melvin.


In this post, we discussed the comeback of the Buell company with 10 new bikes. The Buell bikes are working on their new projects as expected they will launch the bikes in 2024. If you liked this post do share and leave a comment.