BMW is coming up with a new all electric motorcycle

BMW is coming up with a new all electric motorcycle

As the news came up from the recent event by BMW as it’s coming up with its brand new all electric motorcycle. As we all know Electric vehicles are booming nowadays and many companies are stepping into the EV Market. The companies are coming up with their best model but as a result, there are very few models available in Ev bikes. As the EV has taken up a resolution and it’s going through its best shot. BMW Motorrad has recently announced its upcoming brand new all electric motorcycle which will be unveiled on July 7.

As from the Twitter handle of BMW, its recent Post said that there will be a new era which will begin soon on 7th July. BMW has always come up with its best shot and has shown off several interesting and futuristic models. As from the past several years BMW manages to give the best to its customers and as of the recent news, the upcoming bike will be soon on the road. So here in this post, we’ll be giving you a complete detail revealed by BMW on its upcoming launch of the brand new all electric motorcycle.

All electric motorcycle

BMW electric motorcycle
BMW electric motorcycle

As BMW is known for its best models and the upcoming motorcycle we’ll be a part of the better future and as BMW enrolls the Vision DC Roadster concept in 2019 as it displays a wild and futuristic concept of the electric motorcycle. As it tends to be a fancy concept bike until design fillings were revealed last year. As the model was making progress in the production phase.

Along with the Vision DC Roadster concept of Electric motorcycle, BMW also revealed a similarly futuristic electric scooter concept which is also known as CE-04 blew the current BMW C evolution Ev scooter. As of the constant updates, it tends to have a unique design and again we expect the concept was made for a fun design project for BMW.

The BMW saw a production-ready and blacked-out version undergoing Street Testing earlier this spring. And now BMW has announced its new vehicle ahead which will debut on July 7 and as of the video posted by BMW Motorrad the electric motorcycle looks to be more attractive and we expect this is a CE-04 electric scooter.

The BMW didn’t reveal any specific details about the electric motorcycle but it tends to be more unique in terms of its design. As we have a fairly solid indication that the new motorcycle will be electric as we can see the hashtag used by the BMW on the Post is #PluggedToLife.

Next, we have the video which reveals the design and the look of the bike. As it seems to match styling and components on the version of CE-04. And most critically, the camera briefly pans past the lettering on the panel as we get to see the CE-04 badge right before our eyes. As the BMW doesn’t have any tech specs as of the current version of the BMW C evolution is a Highway capable scooter and it offers a maximum speed of 130 km/h (80 mph). And as for the new model we can expect a similar performance for the CE-04.

Along with it, the Harley Davidson is unveiling its first livewire badged motorcycle and as we can expect it can be the first electric scooter by the official LiveWire badged Motorcycle. As the launch of it falls Just one day before it. As there will be a tough competition between both the EV motorcycles which will be there soon. With the launch of the BMW electric motorcycle, the EV market is going to scale up on a huge amount.


So In this post, we’ve mentioned all details of the launch of the brand new all electric motorcycle so we hope you like the post and received valuable information. If you find this information helpful then make sure you share it.