Top 10 very important bike servicing tips ⚡ August 2021

Top 10 very important bike servicing tips ⚡ August 2021

Bikes are meant for fun, and both kids and adults love them. Getting a new bike can be exciting too! It’s always good to know how to clean your bike well. Read bike servicing tips and start taking good care of your bike which will not only help you keep it looking like new but also ride smoothly. Regular cleaning like this keeps the lubrication and fluids in the right parts of your bike clean too! 

If we talk about the ideal service intervals for a motorbike, we’ve heard people say that half a year is the ideal timing. And in fact, it might be true! As every vehicle works best when regularly serviced at specific points in time. But obviously, this rule does not apply in each and every case for everyone, as different people ride their bikes in different ways and so they discover differently what’s best for them given their own personal preferences.

If you keep on servicing it more regularly then you’ll not only be doing yourself a favor in case an emergency ever comes about requiring urgent attention, and save up on money by spending less on maintenance, but you’ll also be keeping your bike in tip-top running condition.

We’re going to tell you about the top 10 very important bike servicing tips that are highly ignored among people. Let’s start!

Top 10 very important bike servicing tips ⚡ August 2021

Make Notes 

Very few people might be aware of just how expensive maintenance can be when it comes to a Motorcycle. You may have heard the chains, breaks, and such small other things whenever you use your bike. If there are such things happening, then note them on your phone. 

Top 10 bike service tips - make a notes
Top 10 bike service tips – Make a notes

While you’re at it, why not note issues like any major problems that you’ve noticed during your last few rides as well? Note everything down and if you remember all the problems right at the beginning, it will solve 90% of the problems! Small defects often go unnoticed until they become big, which increases maintenance costs! 

Maintain a service record

 Some bikes require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. To ensure that the bike is both safe and efficient for years to come, we recommend keeping an up-to-date log of all regular maintenance performed so that there is always a record that can be used during a sale to help ensure the life of your vehicle.

Top 10 important bike service tips - Maintain a service record
Top 10 important bike service tips – Maintain a service record

 Keeping these records is important so that when the next owner purchases your bike, they’ll know that you took care of the items on this list and can factor that into how much they are willing to pay for the bike.

When should you service your bike?

The ideal bike service interval depends on a few factors, including mileage and the kind of bike you have. For example, if you buy a 100cc bike then 2500 – 3000 Kms is a good interval to service your bike. If you own a 150cc bike then 3500 – 4000 Kms is ideal. If you own a 200cc bike then it should be 4000 – 4500 Kms.

Always prefer authorized service center 

Try to avoid using small, cheap garages themselves. Yes, they can save you money on servicing costs upfront but the service given may not be as productive when compared to that provided by an authorized dealership. Dealerships charge more than garages because they provide a better service! They’re basically trained specialists in their field who take care of your bike expertly and conscientiously making sure that it runs smoothly and is kept safe, efficient, and reliable for its duration.

Engine Oil 

Lubricating your vehicle’s engine is very important during a routine service! One should add engine oil to their motorcycle after 3000 – 5000 kilometers of riding (driving) and they should do this no matter what the size or capacity of the engine. There are several types of engine oil, including 2-stroke oil as well as 4 stroke oil and some bikes can use both. 

Top 10 bike service tips - Engine Oil
Top 10 bike service tips – Engine Oil

It’s always best practice though to check with the manufacturer which kind of lubricant is ideal for your model because there are specific differences between certain models that might determine what kind of lubricant is best suitable.

Be Present 

The sixth point of our bike servicing tips is to be present. If it is possible to do so, during the course of your bike servicing time, make sure you’re physically present in order to oversee the process. This will allow you to get an idea if any changes have been made to the engine/engine oil/automatic transmission or as many other factors as one can think of. 

It would also be wise to keep a hand on the mechanic(s) assigned in order to ensure they are paying the adequate amount of attention and taking care of business throughout the project!

Check Coolants/Fluids

When it comes to caring for your bike’s engine, there are several things you can do to make it perfect for a long, long time. One of the most important things owners can check every so often is coolant and fluids, because the engine relies on all of them in order to run smoothly – so your job should be to keep these fluids at just the right levels! But sometimes it doesn’t exactly help if you’re draining a substance out that might not get replaced by another. 

Top 10 important bike service tips - Check coolant/fluid
Top 10 bike service tips – Check coolant/fluid

It’s still equally important to always check fluids during servicing and top up fuel or oil levels if they’re running low; both of which are vital for transportation. But you shouldn’t overlook other more important things like tyre pressures or brake pads for example.

So we want to remind everyone that it’s a good practice during this rainy season, in particular, to regularly employ proper caution when braking as warped/creased brake surfaces have been known to breed serious accidents!


The older your motorcycle gets, the more wear and tear goes on it. So if you’ve had it for a while, you’ll want to start paying special attention to your battery. Most newer motorcycles run on batteries that won’t last forever!

Depending on how much you’re driving each day, as well as whether you let it sit in the garage or not over long periods of time, your bike’s battery might either need replacing or be under warranty.

After Service test ride 

The ninth point of bike servicing tips is after a service test ride. Another thing we tend to ignore is to test ride the bike before taking it from the service center. This can ensure that any issue with brakes can be fixed before you leave, or if there’s something wrong with the engine or anything else it might save you hours of trouble!

Make sure to give the bike a good test run before taking off so as not to have any surprises later on – this is especially important when buying pre-owned bikes! You don’t want to discover that you’re going to have issues once you’ve already driven it off their premises, right?

Save bills/ Job Cards

In the same way that historical records of governments or businesses are vital to making important decisions, keeping a record of all important paperwork is equally as vital for Bike owners. Whether it be issuing bills, paperwork should be collected and kept safe and secure so relevant information isn’t missed when selling your car. 

Customers tend to pay more when buying a well-presented vehicle with relevant information than those which have no necessary papers. Sometimes it can take longer to build this type of inventory but it’s worth more in the long run so make sure you’re doing your best!

We hope you have found this article on the top 10 very important bike servicing tips useful. Your bike is an investment, and you want to make sure that it is in the best condition possible. Follow our bike servicing tips and keep it healthy.