Bike Maintenance Tips - Keep your bike in the finest condition

Bike Maintenance Tips – Keep your bike in the finest condition

An easy to go, everyday use motorbikes are a quick mode of commute, which are cheaper to own, reliable and low displacement and aren’t affected by traffic hold-ups on the road. They are even quite a ride for adventure commute as well. But like all other vehicles, bikes too undergo wear and tear and need regular maintenance, without being lazy about it, to maintain the pristine condition of your ride. So, periodic maintenance with a few basic servicing tips will help you enjoy safe, problem-free riding, and also help to keep performance at a peak. The listing below is a few bike maintenance tips on maintaining your bike in the finest condition ensuring it fit for a glitch-free ride.

1. Checking your bike’s tyres

Your bike’s wheels go through a lot that needs some dedicated time every week to ensure good care and check to ensure not only good life for the tyres but for the rider as well. A faulty tire, that has lost its grip or tread can be risky. It is best recommended to check the tyres each time you start your bike ride. However, it may not happen always and so a weekly check for depth, tread & tyre pressure would help gauge the need for upkeep or change. In case of replacing the tyres, changing them in sets is highly recommended, as each undergoes the same stresses and rigors of road riding.

Bike maintenance tips - check your bike tyres
Bike maintenance tips – check your bike tyres (source: motorcyclelife)

To assist you with the same there are many devices to help you determine the tyre depth and pressure and ease your process, namely Michelin Digital Tyre Gauge that comes with a large display and key holder ring. The other brands that are good to choose from are The Karter Premium, Voroly Analog/Digital, PSA Metal Body.

For replacement of tyres some of the top brands for bikes include Ceat, MRF, Apollo Tyres, TVS Tyres, JK Tyres, Pirelli to name some. You can either purchase these online or buy them from a local tyre shop.

2. Checking the bike’s fluid levels

The bike’s fluid levels also need to be checked regularly. The two essential fluids that help smooth functioning of the bike include: the engine oil, which is also termed as the blood of the bike helps keep the engine well lubricated and cool and the other is the brake oil. Either of the two if not maintained at optimum levels can hamper the smooth, relaxing journey. Engine oil tends to get thicker due to carbon deposits which may create a drag in the movement of the engine internals, while brake fluids ensure smooth functioning of the brake even during monsoons. Thus, it is important to keep a tab on the bike’s fluids regularly for a safe, smooth ride.

Bike Maintenance Tips - bike fluid level
Bike Maintenance Tips – bike fluid level (source: bikedekho)

The best engine oils that provide ultimate performance and extend engine life while providing overall protection are Motul 4T 5100, HP Lubricant Racer 4, Shell Advance AX7, Castrol, Bosch, Valvoline, Gulf and others. Whereas, some of the best brake fluids to ensure smooth performance of brakes are Bosch Transmission Mechanism Brake Fluid, Motul 3 & 4 Brake Fluid, etc. amongst the most reliable ones.

3. Regular Cleaning & Shining of bike

Like everything needs regular cleaning, so does your bike. It not only helps to keep it clean from dirt and look nice but also helps with maintenance. Dirt and mud mixed with water can cause pitting in your bike in the long run and hence it is a good habit to keep the bike clean from these external elements and provide it with a good shine to retain the new look forever.

Bike Maintenance Tips - bike Cleaning & Shining
Bike Maintenance Tips – bike Cleaning & Shining (source: autocarindia)

Motul, Sheeba, Wavex, 3M All in One Care Kit, Motomax PIDILITE Care Kit are some of the best kits for cleaning, shining and polishing that helps ease out the tiring long process of cleaning and give a great shine to your bike ensuring it looks as fresh and new as you wish.

4. Cover the bike

Covering the bike is recommended to keep it away from direct exposure to sunlight which may dull your bike’s appearance. A waterproof cover also helps to protect it from all weather conditions and also helps to protect it from dust and rodents.

Bike Maintenance Tips - Cover the bike
Bike Maintenance Tips – Cover the bike

All-weather protection for your bike is best served by Autosun Bike Body Cover, Autofy, Yardstash to name a few which provide UV resistance, heat protection, weatherproof, dustproof protection for your bike.

These few bike maintenance tips if followed religiously would help maintain your bike for smooth functioning. A well-maintained bike says a lot about its rider and is often a rider’s delight as it guarantees a safe, reliable and comfortable commute along with keeping it in pleasing, tip-top shape for many years to come. Proper maintenance rewards with longer vehicle life as well as significantly lesser running costs of the bike.

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