Automobile Atum1.0 - Hyderabad based electric motorcycle

Automobile Atum1.0 – Hyderabad based electric motorcycle

Automobile Atum1.0 electric motorcycle startup is carried out by an Indian company based in Hyderabad. The first electric motorcycle startup was carried out in Hyderabad by the Indians. This is the best thing for our nation. Electric manufacturing will be carried out in India adding a mark to the hype of Electric vehicles. Many foreign companies are willing to dominate the Indian electric motorcycle market. This Indian company will be a tough competition to them.

So today in this post we are going to give you every single detail about the Hyderabad-based electric motorcycle startup which is carried out in Hyderabad. So if you’re looking forward to buying this new Automobile Atum version 1.0 then make sure you read this post.

Automobile Atum1.0

The Atum motorcycle is packed with amazing features and functions which are way more advanced for today’s generation. This automobile startup is a two-wheel electric Motorcycle startup. It had launched its first electric bike, the Atum version 1.0 which had made its debut in September 2020. These electric motorcycles are retro-styled and have made deliveries which have started recently at an introductory price range of Rs 49,999 excluding the GST and the shipping charges.

Talking about the functions and features of this motorcycle the Atum version 1.0 offers you a 48V, 27Ah lithium-ion battery pack which is linked to the 48V, 250W hub motor and this bike offers you a top speed of 25kmph and for riding this bike there is no need of a license. This company claims the battery will offer you a 100km range and it will probably take 3 to 4 hours for a day to fully charge.

Automobile atum version 1.0

The battery of this motorcycle is swappable, and instead of the fuel tank, there is a 14-liter storage compartment added practically to the motorcycle. This hardtail compact bike comes with a telescopic front fork and spoke wheel which will drive you amazing. The bike offers you fat 4-inch tires with mechanical disc brakes at both ends of the car. And also gives you an all-led set-up.

The bike offers you a digital console and gives you double disc brakes. The look of the car is amazing. This bike will give you the experience of a Street rider with a premium look.

This electric bike is manufactured at a greenfield manufacturing facility in the Telangana state. The production capacity of the bike is 10,000 a year, this can be extended to another 15,000 if the need and demand in the market arise.

If you’re willing to buy this car you have to take a token of Rs 3,075. This electric bike is available in five colors which are red, white, black, blue, and grey.


So today in this post we give you detailed information about the Hyderabad-based electric motorcycle new startup which is carried out in the state of Telangana. So if you receive any value from this post make sure you share it.