Audi RS e-tron GT 2022 India

Audi RS e-tron GT 2022 India- Premium Electric Mobility

Audi has taken its path to electrification with the Audi RS e-tron GT, a high-performance flagship EV for the brand. It has taken pride in taking the crown for not just the quickest-accelerating EV, but also the quickest-accelerating production car in India.

The styling of Audi RS e-tron GT is absolutely gorgeous, making it one of the best-looking EVs in the market yet. This one has a clean, simple, performance car look which makes it appealing from every angle. Audi RS e-tron GT is about to conduct electricity in an exciting new direction for the Vorsprung Durch Technik brand.

e-Tron GT – Exterior

With gorgeous proportions, Audi RS e-tron GT is low-slung, wide, and has a swooping roofline. RS looks edgier right from the bumper in the front to the rear end with its distinctive diffuser.

The LED MATRIX headlamps are very attractive with daytime running light with design matching the alligator eye. It has a diamond-cut inverted grille with a sporty, sculpted bumper along with air vents under the lights for perfect aerodynamics, which in itself is a subtle feature that reduces the overall drag of the car and boosts the extraction power. The front design has a piano finish look with a large indent bonnet to make it look more premium.

The coupe-like roofline is responsible for the svelte look of the RS. It comes with 20-inch bicolor titanium wheels which has red caliper and carbide brakes, with an option to upgrade to a carbon-ceramic brake. The rear has the visible RS badge with a beautiful long LED light bar making the overall appeal hotter.

Audi RS e-tron GT 2022
Audi RS e-tron GT 2022

e-Tron GT – Interior

The car on the inside gets a distinctive RS pedigree that exemplifies luxury while adding sportiness. The cabin looks refined and is loaded with safety, tech and luxury.

The latest 10.1- inch touchscreen MMI Infotainment comes with physical switches on the low down, unlike other RS but thankfully are much more convenient. The 12.3-inch virtual cockpit is highly customizable. Connectivity interfaces, head up display, with standard driver aids come with centre console which is ergonomically oriented to the driver.

The steering wheel is wrapped in Alcantara, with a carbon fibre design on the dashboard paired with piano black and brushed aluminum and subtle contrasting stitching in the interiors. The seats are sportier too, with the front seats having a massaging option that is rather useful for long runs. The centre compartment comes with wireless charging and the rear space is best for two. For sunroof lovers, RS gets a full glass roof, which comes as an option for a carbon fibre roof.

Audi RS e-tron GT 2022 India- Premium Electric Mobility
Credit- Audi

e-Tron GT – Specifications, Performance, and More

Audi Rs e-tron GT is the most powerful supercar getting colossal power from a 93.4kWh lithium-ion battery pack claiming a range of 401-481 km. The RS gives you a whopping 637 bhp along with a crazy 830Nm torque. This means that the big change the RS badge brings to the e-tron GT is the gain in power.

With such power, it isn’t surprising that it claims a 0-100kph in a hysterical 3.3 secs. The car gets dual-synchronous motors, one each on the front and rear axle. This gives it a quattro all-wheel-drive capability. It comes with two-speed transmission and has super handling on the road. The 2-speed transmission has been incorporated not just for acceleration, but also for cruising speeds.

The e-quattro system makes sure the right amount of power goes to the right wheel completely seamlessly. A controlled rear differential makes sure that the power is being delivered in the most optimum way. Such is the sophistication and hugely clever tech. This Silent but Violent EV might not be roaring like a V8 but has all the drama and oomph expected.

The grip and the body control are excellent with the all-wheel steering, maneuvering in tight corners, and with the electromechanical power steering adjusting the weight as per the mode is all a good, combined feel of prompt communication and feedback by the car. The brake calipers coated in tungsten carbide help with heat dissipation, reduce wear, and prevent brake dust, making them mighty impressive. The adaptive air suspension too adds to the duality of the overall character of the RS.

Oh! and don’t you worry about the growl that is associated with the RS. Audi has used synthesized sounds to add some thrill there too, although it won’t be as thrilling as the good old V8.

e-Tron GT – Colour, Charge, Price & Rivals

Audi RS e-tron GT is available in 9 different colours to choose from and makes it unique, complementing your character. Namely- Ascari Blue Metallic, Suzuka Grey Metallic, Daytona Grey Pearl Effect, Tango Red Metallic, Kemora Gray Metallic, Mythos Black Metallic, Floret Silver Metallic, Tactical Green Metallic, and Ibis White Solid.

The RS takes 9hrs 30 mins to charge from 50-80% with an 11kW charger, while on a 22kW charger it would take 5hrs 15 mins. A 270-kW charger on the other hand would take only about 22 mins.

Audi RS e-tron GT is set to compete with BYD Auto E6 Electric,Lexus LS 500h,Audi RS Q8,Mercedes-Benz G-Class,Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 S,Nissan GTR,Lexus LC 500h,Porsche Panamera,Audi RS7,Maserati Quattroporte and likes.

Audi RS e-tron GT is priced at ₹2.05 crore, which is ₹25 lakh more than the standard car. But the extra that you shell is all worth with the show, safety, and the oomph of the pure energy and progressive performance car.