Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Blue

Appraisal Time: Maruti Suzuki hiked prices of Vitara Brezza and Baleno upto INR 21,000

I know, it’s bad to hear! But appraisal deserves every one, we love appraisal. So why not Brezza and Baleno! 🙂

It’s been effective from August 1st. Maruti Suzuki announced price hiked upto Rs. 21,000 for Vitara Brezza and Rs. 10,000 for Baleno. These two models and huge in demands and waiting periods are already upto 6 months and still increasing. Maybe that’s the reason would be.

This price hike has been revealed by Bombay Stock Exchange.

Maruti Suzuki sales has been boosted to the highest ever by selling total 1,25,778 units of cars in July 2016 (in India only). Both the models are gems of Maruti Suzuki brand. Which helped to sales boost. Maruti Suzuki sales increased to 151.3% only in July 2016.

Prices now and before:

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza:

Variant Name Price Before Price Now Difference
Vitara Brezza LDI Rs. 6,98,000 Rs. 7,19,004 Rs. 21,004
Vitara Brezza LDI (O) Rs. 7,11,001 Rs. 7,32,004 Rs. 21,003
Vitara Brezza VDI Rs. 7,61,001 Rs. 7,74,004 Rs. 13,003
Vitara Brezza VDI (O) Rs. 7,74,000 Rs. 7,87,004 Rs. 13,004
Vitara Brezza ZDI Rs. 8,54,001 Rs. 8,67,004 Rs. 13,003
Vitara Brezza ZDI+ Rs. 9,53,001 Rs. 9,66,004 Rs. 13,002
Vitara Brezza ZDI+ Dual Tone Rs. 9,67,000 Rs. 9,88,004 Rs. 21,004

Maruti Suzuki Baleno:

Maruti Suzuki Banelo Hatchback Blue
Maruti Suzuki Banelo Hatchback Blue
Variant Name Price Before Price Now Difference
Baleno Sigma Petrol Rs. 5,15,263 Rs. 5,25,267 Rs. 10,004
Baleno Delta Petrol Rs. 5,80,711 Rs. 5,90,715 Rs. 10,004
Baleno Sigma Rs. 6,33,928 Rs. 6,36,932 Rs. 3,004
Baleno Zeta Petrol Rs. 6,41,205 Rs. 6,51,208 Rs. 10,003
Baleno Delta (Automatic) Petrol Rs. 6,86,675 Rs. 6,96,679 Rs. 10,004
Baleno Delta Rs. 7,00,024 Rs. 7,03,028 Rs. 3,004
Baleno Alpha Petrol Rs. 7,11,776 Rs. 7,21,780 Rs. 10,004
Baleno Zeta Rs. 7,61,258 Rs. 7,64,261 Rs. 3,003
Baleno Alpha Rs. 8,32,699 Rs. 8,35,703 Rs. 3,004

Prices: Ex. Showroom New Delhi