Hero XPulse 200 4v

Top 5 key differences between the old and new Hero XPulse 200

Hero XPulse 200 features
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Hero MotoCorp unveiled the all-new 2021 Hero XPulse 200 yesterday in India with some key feature updates that will certainly help it stand out from its predecessor, the 2016 XPulse 180.

The Hero XPulse 200 is a type of bike that can serve many different purposes, from casual cruising around the city to light trail riding. The Hero XPulse 200 is a combination of power and agility, enabling it to serve several of your biking needs at once.

The new model doesn’t appear dramatically different on paper but since we’re sure there are a lot of customers wondering what new features set this motorcycle apart from the previous one, we decided to lend a helping hand and compare these two models for you.

New Hero XPulse 200 comes with more Better Features

Aside from an engine upgrade, the XPulse has added features in the form of an integrated start and kill switch. This makes it more convenient as well as clutter-free for the switches.

Up next is everyone’s favourite feature: the LED headlight! Though this may seem like it’s always been a part of your vehicle, Hero says that they’ve worked on the LED headlight to make it even better than before. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate its throw and spread – especially once night falls yet again upon your road trip adventures!

Hero XPulse 200 comes with A New 4-Valve Head

The biggest change with the XPulse 200 is its 199.60cc single-cylinder engine, which now has 4-valve technology rather than 2-valve from previous models. This offers an improvement in power and torque over the outgoing 201.9cc engine, which had a rated output of 18PS and 16.9Nm.

The transmission has been recalibrated, delivered via a CVT gearbox, to make acceleration feel quicker in urban use. The oil cooler has also been modified to keep the motorcycle running at optimal temperatures when driving under stress or in warm climates.

It comes with modified Seat

The extra wide and more contoured seat of the new XPulse 200 makes it feel even more comfortable than the original model. It is higher (825mm) and offers plenty of space for your legs.

Hero XPulse 200 comes with New exciting colours

To ensure that the XPulse continues to look great after 2021, Hero MotoCorp has included new shade choices for its frame- Trail Blue, Blitz Blue and Red Raid. The rest of the bike remains the same apart from these changes.

The motorcycle remains the same as it was before by using the same hardware. That includes having the full-digital instrument console with smartphone connectivity, for example.


Hero MotoCorp has launched the updated XPulse 200 by increasing its price from Rs 1,22,000 to Rs 1,28,150.  Despite this, it continues to undercut its closest rival, the Honda CB200X by a huge Rs 16,350. This makes for one of the best value for money propositions in the market and is an attractive proposition for someone who’s looking to buy a motorcycle at such a great price.