All-electric Mercedes Benz EQS - 7 things to know

All-electric Mercedes Benz EQS – 7 things to know

Hey friends, today in this post we will give you every single detail about the Mercedes Benz EQS which will be on the ground soon. As per the latest news reveal the car has a range of up to 770 kilometers. As the Mercedes Benz will make its debut soon and it is said to be one of the best EVs in the market. As envisioned as an all-electric version of the S Class, the Mercedes Benz EQS is to be launched soon in India in the second quarter of 2021.

All-electric Mercedes Benz EQS - 7 things to know
EQS electric

So here in this post, we’ll tell you about the specifications and details revealed by the Mercedes Benz as it is making its debut soon. So if you’re looking for complete information about the Mercedes Benz EQS then you’re at the right place. Make sure you stay tuned till the end.

Mercedes Benz EQS

As you know Mercedes is a well-known company in the world as it is known for its best cars and service. Karl Benz is the founder of Mercedes Benz. As the upcoming EQS is the electric luxurious sedan which is produced by German automobiles, the Mercedes made its world premiere on Thursday. As it’s contributing to the fast-growing electric vehicle portfolio. The Mercedes Benz EQS is said to be the first brand model to utilize a dedicated battery EV platform. The Me Mercedes Benz EQS is the first brand model which is based on a dedicated BEV platform.

New Mercedes EQS | World Premiere | Trailer

Dimensions and Exterior

Talking about the dimensions of the car is made 5,216 millimeters in length which is a bit longer than the standard S class. The wheelbase is 3,210-millimetre long and the other highlight of the car is that the car is fairly large. In terms of design and styling, the production retains quite a lot of vision EQS. The headlights are linked with a slim light bar. And a sealed radiator grille area features a gloss finish.

The Mercedes Benz EQS offers a three-dimensional star pattern with the bonnet fixed. The window line of the car catches the attention and along the sides sharply rises the beltline. The Mercedes offers large alloy wheels which range from19- to 22-inches. The flush-fitting door of the car handles a sharply raked roof and the intricate pattern of LED tail lights is pretty cool.

Interior and features

One of the best things about the Mercedes Benz EQS is the debut of the MBUX type screen with three digital displays under the curved glass panel which spans the entire width of the dashboard.

The Benz EQS interior brings the best in it there are no physical switches or controls in the car, and the latest Infotainment system is capable of receiving updates, Which will be rolled out by Mercedes which are functional updates. Including the ability to unlock the rear-wheel steering angle. As per the news, it is said that the Mercedes Benz EQS will have more space than the S class. Additional thanks to the flat floor the EQS will be available with more space for rear-seat passengers, with the twin sunroof setup.

All-electric Mercedes Benz EQS - 7 things to know
New Mercedes EQS debuts the MBUX Hyperscreen

Charging and powertrain

As we talk about it’s the battery on the full charge, the Mercedes Benz EQS has a range of 770 kilometers and with DC fast charging at up to 200 kW, the Benz EQS regains about 300 kilometers of range in 15 minutes. At public charging stations or the name, EQS can be charged at up to 22 kW (AC) using the onboard charger. Bidirectional charging with the EQS will also be possible in Japan.

The EQS has a 610-liter boot which is also bigger than that of the S-Class (550 liters). The Mercedes Benz EQS will be available in two variants, the single motor EQS 450+ and EQS 580 4MATIC. These variants will get the same battery pack with a 107.8 kWh of usable energy content, but it will give different Power output at around 2.5 tonnes, and weigh roughly the same.

All-electric Mercedes Benz EQS - 7 things to know
New Mercedes EQS – Intelligent charging programmes.


Talking about its variants the 450+ bags 333 hp and 568 Nm of torque and can turn up 0-100 kph in 6.2 seconds. The 580 has a 4matic all-wheel drive and torque vectoring the 4MATIC has a total output of 523 hp and 855 Nm of torque and a 0-100 kph in just 4.3 seconds. Both have a top speed of 210 kph whereas it will be more furious than the competitors. A version of it is expected to follow this year, along with an AMG version over 700 hp.

Mercedes Benz EQS – Will it come to India?

As per the news, Benz EQS was introduced to India last year, by launching the all-electric EQC SUV in our market. It is expected to be part of 15 launches the company lined up for India. And the Mercedes Benz EQS will arrive on our shores later this year Which is big news for India. But as we talk about its brand power it won’t come cheap. The Mercedes Benz EQS prices in India are closer to the Rs 2 crore mark.

New Mercedes EQS – Will take place of the Tesla car?

As we know Tesla has a specific place in the market and it’s one of the top companies in the world which is well known for electric cars as the company is owned by Elon Musk. This can be an obstacle for Tesla to dominate the Market. But as per the results, the Mercedes Benz EQS will not replace Tesla.


So here in this post, we give you information about the Mercedes Benz EQS. We hope you like this post and receive valuable information from it then make sure you share it.