Global Debut of 2022 New Harley Davidson Nightster

Global Debut of 2022 New Harley Davidson Nightster

The second model in Harley’s Sport range after the recently launched 2022 Sportster S, Harley Davidson has officially unveiled the iteration of the 2022 New Harley Davidson Nightster globally. A new Sportser from the brand, Nightster is more of a roadster than a full-fledged cruiser.

Having reached the showrooms across us from April 2022, Nightster is soon expected to go on sale in India having already been listed on the Harley India website.

2022 New Harley Davidson Nightster – Design & Features

Built on a foundation laid 65 years ago the 2022 New Harley Davidson Nightster motorcycle is a leap forward in performance and design built. The Nightster is dressed in a more traditional grab with several classic Sportster styling cues, like the walnut fuel tank shape, round air intake cover, and a side cover that looks like the oil tank of Sportster.

Hitting all the right notes with its chopped front and rear fenders, and round headlamp, from the traditional Sportser, this iconic bike has incorporated some modern touches too, like seven-spoke black alloy wheels and a single-sided exhaust canister that gives a beefy look.

The 12-litre fuel tank placement has allowed a lower centre of gravity for the bike, allowing to maximize the size of the airbox. For refueling, the hinged locking seat needs a lift by the rider.

As for the features, it comes with a multi-function LCD display, equipped with a 4-inch analog gauge. It offers 3 ride modes- Rain, Road & Sport each with increasing performance and response. An all LED-illumination, ABS, and a traction control system are other notable features offered in Nightster.

It also equips rider safety features like Drag-Torque Slip Control System (DSCS) which is designed to adjust engine torque delivery and reduce excessive rear-wheel slip while on wet or slippery road surfaces under powertrains-induced deceleration which quickly reduces the throttle.

2022 New Harley Davidson Nightster – Specification

Harley Davidson Nightster’s liquid-cooled Revolution Max 975cc V-twin pushes the envelope in a sportier direction. This 60-degree V-twin produces 90hp at 7,500rpm and 95Nm at 5,750rpm, delivering strong acceleration from the start with robust power through the mid-range.

This DOHC engine also has a variable valve timing system, that only works on the intake valves. The engine is linked with 6-speed transmission via an assist and slip mechanical wet clutch.

An axially mounted 4-piston caliper and a 260mm disc at the rear with a floating single-piston caliper anchorage are handled by a 320mm disc in the front.

Suspension is handled by a conventional 41mm Showa telescopic fork and a mono-shock, while at the rear the Nightster sports two emulsion technology shocks which are directly attached to the swingarm.

An accessible seat height of 706mm is accompanied by centre-set footpegs and a wide handlebar pulled towards the rider to provide comfortable riding ergonomics.

Harley’s Nightster makes significant weight savings with this new design layout which makes it weigh 218kg, which is massively lighter than the previous-gen air-cooled bikes from the Sportster family.

The 2022 New Harley-Davidson Nightster comes with a 19-inch front wheel and has tyres that are slimmer than the Sportster S. Ground clearance is 110mm, which is better than the Sportster S’ meager 93mm.

The low-slung roadster is based on the same steel trellis frame as Sportser S, with aluminium tail section and welded rectangular steel swingarm being different in comparison to the latter, showing its versatility.

2022 New Harley Davidson Nightster – Price & Colour Options

As a more affordable and practical alternative to Sporster S, the Harley Davidson Nightster will be launched in India at an expected price range between 14.5-15 lakh ex-showroom.

Vivid Black, Redline Red, and Gunship Gray are the three colour variants that one may find for Nightster in India.

Creating an epitome in riding experience, 2022 New Harley Davidson Nightster is the ultimate canvas for riders who seek to push through barriers and create their own riding experience, which is designed to be compact, strong, and lightweight, delivering nimble performance with its distinctive style!

2022 New Harley Davidson Nightster

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