Mahindra XUV 500 Rebooking opening in next month 2012

Did you have your heart set on the XUV500 but did not manage to get one in the first round of bookings? Worry no more as Mahindra has promised that it will open a second round of bookings for the XUV500 in January 2012. So ring up your bank to keep those loan papers ready!

Launched on the 29th of September, the XUV made history when the company declared the their latest offering was sold out within 10 days of launch. 8000 orders from across India set the cash registers ringing for Mahindra dealers. Due to production constraints, Mahindra had to delay the international launch of the XUV500.

Currently, Mahindra is working on the existing 8,000 deliveries which should be completed by January. Hopefully, Mahindra will sort out the supply constraints in the second round of bookings enabling them to accept more orders.

The existing owners have given the XUV500 an excellent word of mouth. Thus, M&M can be rest assured that the second round of bookings will be a successful one. However, knowing the situation, the company may choose to bump the price to increase profitability.


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